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The Montana Swimming Operational Risk Safety Chair is Caty Flikkema from Bozeman  email  or phone 406-539-1849.

Accidents seldom “just happen,” and many can be prevented. According to the National Safety Council, 85 percent of all accidents are preventable; accidents that might have occurred are prevented or reduced by those who develop and execute risk management programs. 

Safety should always be our first concern on the pool deck.


Safety information to help make your team, pool deck, locker rooms, and swim meet a safe environment for everyone:

Do you ever wonder what the coach means when he/she tells the swimmers to use a 3 point entry to enter the pool? What this quick video here from Arizona Swimming and you'll be a master of the 3 point entry very quickly! 

How do you control your pool during a meet? From warmups, checking credentials, and locker rooms, this presentation will give you some helpful ideas!   PDF

Safety Action Plan Information   Word   PDF

Safety Action Plan Examples   PDF

Body Fluid Clean Sheet   PDF

What's in Your First Aid Kit?  PowerPoint Presentation   PPT   or PDF

Meet Marshal Checklist Card   PDF