Our Model is simple: Athlete Centered, Coach Directed, Parent Supported


Ad Astra Area Aquatics is a competitive swim program that strives to develop confident young people in and out of the water by encouraging each individual to achieve his or her highest level of personal development as a person and athlete. Through camaraderie, competition and a commitment to swimming excellence our athletes will learn to be champions in life. Our team will continually foster a positive relationship with the city of Lawrence by offering swim services to the community and surrounding areas.


·         To establish a foundation for continuity and consistency of vision and purpose of the swim club.

·         To create a swim program with organization and leadership stability.

·         To provide for the development of an Age-Group to Senior program that stresses proper stroke technique, skill development, physical conditioning and a love for the sport.

·         To develop a training program with distinct levels of instruction, performance standards, training plans, and qualifying criteria for each level from the beginner to the senior swimmer.

·         To continually improve communication between swimmers, parents and coach.

·         To create goals for swimmers of all levels through coach guidance and with aid of an athlete – coach – parent triangle of communication.

·         To promote Mission Statement values at all levels of the team.