Nine AAAA Swimmers Named to the MVS All-Star Team

Patrick Norman

Nine AAAA Swimmers Named to the MVS All-Star Team 


The listed AAAA swimmers were selected to the 2023 Missouri Valley Swimming All-Star team. They will compete against other All-Star teams from Colorado, Midwestern (Nebraska), South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa at the All-Star Meet in Des Moines, Iowa January 13-15.

Lucy Velte, Banks Anderson, Ella Marsh, Siggi Mattes, Helena Mattes, Karsyn Ward and Melinda Zhang all made the All-Star team in 2022. Swimmer Lucy Velte makes her reappearance at the meet as a 4-time meet record holder in the 11-12 Age Group. In 2022, she set meet records in the 100 Backstroke, 100 Individual Medley, 50 Backstroke and 50 Freestyle.

12 girl/boy swimmers were selected to represent the team in each of the age groups 10-Under, 11-12 and 13-14. These swimmers were selected from Kansas and Missouri. Ad Astra was one of 3 club teams to have at least (1) swimmer selected in each of the age groups. Ad Astra was the only team in Lawrence, KS to have swimmers named to the 2023 All-Star team. 

This is a real honor -- congrats swimmers!



10-Under Girls

Melinda Zhang


10-Under Boys

Evan Neuman


11-12 Girls

Ella Marsh

Siggi Mattes

Karsyn Ward


11-12 Boys

Michael Liu


13-14 Girls

Helena Mattes

Lucy Velte


13-14 Boys

Banks Anderson