Swim-A-Thon Week 3 Challenges: UPDATE

Patrick Norman
Oct 19, 2018

Swim-A-Thon Week 3 Challenges: UPDATE

We wanted to give everyone a quick update on our Week 3 Challenges and also update everyone on last week’s big winner.  Our winner from Week 2 with highest number of pledges so far was Jack Tell.  Way to go Jack!

We also gave away goggles in our drawing to Halle McCullough, Liza Engelbrecht, Ainsley Krug, Pullen Orr and Nick Brucker.  Our coaches for a set yesterday were Halle McCullough, Ainsley Krug and Ashlyn Tell. We have had a lot of fun with these weekly bonus challenges. 

Challenge #6 – Team Challenge Update

Our big weekly challenge this week is the team goal of $15,000 raised so far. All donations up until Sunday can count for the challenge. The reward for this challenge is a Fun Party for all.  We are only $5,900 away from our goal! We have 32 out of 125 swimmers on our team currently participating.  The odds are in our favor if we all do our part.