Swim-A-Thon Week 4 Recap

Patrick Norman
Oct 30, 2018

Swim-A-Thon Week 4 Challenges - UPDATE

We have raised $12,135 so far. Let’s keep pushing to reach our team goal of $25,000!


Challenge #7 - $100 Raised for Entry into AAAA Towel drawing

We had a drawing for two AAAA embroidered towels– one towel drawing for Eclipse, High School, Pre-Elite & Elite groups and one towel drawing for Asteroids, Galaxy and Shooting Stars groups.  Anyone who had raised at least $100 through noon last Thursday was entered into the drawing.  Our winners were Iris Sherron and Ella Marsh.

Challenge #8 – Squad Challenge

Our big weekly challenge last week was the group who has raised the most money so far (% based). The winning group was Eclipse!  Katie will be planning the party with the group.  Here is a breakdown of the group’s averages:

#1 – Eclipse, $6,354 ($211.80 per swimmer)

#2 – Elite, $2,480 ($130.50 per swimmer)

#3 – Pre-Elite, $1,030 ($79 per swimmer)

#4 – Asteroids, $1,110 ($65.29 per swimmer)

#5 – Galaxy, $426 ($18 per swimmer)

#6 – Shooting Stars, $200 ($15.38 per swimmer)

Challenge #9 – Team Picture Challenge

We just missed our goal of having 80 people out of our 125 members show up.  Thanks for all you joined is in their new team shirts!  

Swim-A-Thon Week 5

There are no special challenges this week.