The LIAC has a policy of no swimming during lightning strikes within a 0-3 mile radius of the facility.  We must wait 30 minutes after each lightning strike before we are allowed back into the water. 

·      If we are unable to get in the water at the end of this 30 minutes and/or it seems storms will continue, practice will be over.  

·      If we are able to get into the water at the end of 30 minutes and/or it seems storms have subsided, we will continue practice as normal.

If you are traveling from a longer distance out of the immediate Lawrence area feel free to call Patrick at 785-331-6940.  It will ultimately be your call on whether or not you decide to drive to town for practice on days we have storms in the area.  Of course, we always encourage you to attend scheduled workouts.

Weather can be unpredictable and uncontrollable.  We will make our best effort to continue practice as normal each and every day.  If we are unable to get into the pool, please be understanding and please be ready to pick up your swimmer(s).  Thank you.