The Capital City Swim Club is a coach-owned, competitive club, emphasizing individual and team growth. Capital City embraces all levels of competitive swimmers, providing every athlete with the best possible environment and resources that will allow each athlete to progress from novice to the highest levels of competition. We promote excellence at all levels, foster outstanding volunteer support, and aim to develop the character and self- discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming, but also in life away from the pool.

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What is the procedure for joining Capital City Swim Club?

Want to join our team?! Contact Coach Zach at or (785)506-1240 to setup a swim evaluation. Evaluations are conducted at the GL Performance Center at 421 SW Van Buren.

What forms do we need to bring to join the team?

You will be given a packet of forms to be filled out and returned upon your first practice.

What if I am registered with another team?

If you are currently attached to a team other than the  CCSC, you will complete a USA Swimming Transfer form, and pay a nominal fee. Click here to complete the transfer form.  Once the form is processed, you will be unattached from any team for 120 days from your LAST DATE OF COMPETITION WITH THE OLD TEAM. If you are still attached to a team but have not competed with that team in over 120 days, your transfer will be immediate.

What does unattached mean?

Unattached means you are unable represent the new team because of USA swimming transfer policy. You are still able to practice with and compete with the Capital City, but you will be swimming unattached. Your coaches will still be coaching you at the meet.

Where do we get our equipment and what do we need?

Please click  here for a list of items you will need based on which practice group you are assigned.  We use to purchase equipment.  Please contact Coach Zach for more information.

What if I can’t make the recommended practices per week?

We believe attendance is one of the keys to successful swimming. We understand younger swimmers participate in multiple activities, which is encouraged. High group swimmers should make every effort to be at all practices.

If I want to stay during practice, where do I need to sit/view?

All parents sit in the upstairs observation deck, above the practice. This allows the swimmers to focus on their coaches without distraction. It is easier on the swimmer when they know they can, and should, look to their coach for instruction, guidance, and support.

Where and when are, the swim meets?

The  Meet Schedule will be updated frequently based on the Missouri Valley Swimming website.

We are new to the sport of swimming. What do we need to do to better understand the sport?

You are welcome to ask the coaches or our PAC parents about any part of our program or swimming in general. We also have a large parent group who are willing to help you in any way they can.

Who will be coaching my child?

The coaches are assigned to specific practice groups. You can click here to see who is currently coaching each group. Our coaches do work jointly for the whole team. Occasionally, due to absence or other conflict, a different coach may work with a different practice group.

Is there transportation available?

You are responsible for your own transportation to practice and to meets. Families are welcome to form a carpool with other swimmers, but this is done at your own discretion. Capital City Swim Club is NOT responsible for transportation issues at any time.

Who owns the Team?

Our team is coach-owned and is owned by Coach Zach.

Is there a parent board?

We do not have a "governing board of parents" but we do have a Booster Club that assist Coach Zach in making decisions and supporting Capital City Swim Club.

Are there scholarships available?

We do provide scholarships. Please contact Coach Zach for more information.

Are there monthly parent meetings?

We will have parent meeting every other month. Dates and times for these meeting will be emailed and posted on our team website.

How do you become a swim official?

If you wish to become an official, review the information  here. Officials must be certified by USA Swimming through Missouri Valley Swimming.

Can swim team count as a school Physical Education requirement?

Some IEP’s may allow it.  Contact your school counselor to see if this is an option.

What is the minimum requirement for team participation?

The minimal requirement for entry level on the team consists of being able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with proper breathing technique unassisted and 25 yards of backstroke.

What type of swim suit should be worn during practice or meets?

Swimmers will need a competition-style swimsuit for practice and meets. BOYS: jammers or Speedo brief style; GIRLS: one-piece suit with shoulder straps.

Where can parents sit during practice?

Parents will be asked to sit on the second floor during all practices. Parents will only be allowed on deck if they are volunteering for a meet, they have been asked to come down on deck by a coach, or if there is an emergency.

If you do not find the answer you are seeking here on this site, please call Coach Zach at (785)506-1240. We will be happy to assist you. You may also visit Our Coaches page to find email addresses for our coaching staff.