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Club North Swimming updated July 2017 


Team Mission

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Swim Meets

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Monthly Swimmer Fees

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Terminating Membership

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Injured Swimmer Policy

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Team Mission CLUB NORTH SWIMMING (CNS) promotes the sport of swimming for the youth in our community by providing a USA Swimming Club (LSC) that is economical and convenient for families. Team members are given the opportunity to pursue their competitive swimming goals to the level they aspire in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. Swimmers are supported and valued at whatever level of skill.

Team Vision Swimmers of CLUB NORTH SWIMMING (CNS) will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment, and understanding that success results from hard work and dedication. 

Team Goals 1. Each swimmer will meet or exceed practice attendance standards. Every group needs to meet their minimum requirements. 2. Each swimmer will participate in at least 3 meets per season. 3. Each Swimmer will participate in the USA Swimming IMX Challenge. 4. Each Swimmer at the senior, gold, and silver level will complete personal goals. 5. Club North will become a USA Swimming Bronze Medal Team. 

Practice Groups

Jr. Narwhal – Pre-competitive is the first level of our swim club. Swimmers who are 8 & under, 9 -10, and just starting out in the sport typically fall into this group. Practice for the pre-competitive group is offered 2+ times a week with 45 minutes of swimming instruction and 15 minutes of dry land training. We encourage swimmers to try and attend 1 - 2 of these practices per week. Using drills and fun activities, the emphasis of this group is teaching the basic fundamentals of competitive strokes. This consists of kicking, drilling, and the development of skills necessary for competitive swimming. 

Jr. Narwhal Goals: Learn the basic fundamentals of the four competitive strokes (body positioning, breathing, stroke cycle movements, kicking) Develop the beginning skills for proper turns Push off and streamline to the flags with a dolphin kick Have to fun swimming 

Bronze 1 - Bronze is the second level of our swim club. Athletes are typically in the 8 – 10 age range. Practice for the bronze group is offered 2+ times weekly with 45 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of dry land training. We encourage swimmers to try and attend 2 – 3 practices per week. Bronze athletes continue to learn the four competitive strokes and more emphasis is placed on swimming “sets” while using a pace clock. Swimmers at the bronze level will be part of a team atmosphere and make friends with their teammates. Swimmers in this level compete in dual meets, USA meets and any CNS championship meet for which they qualify. 

Bronze 1 Goals: Push off and streamline to flags with a dolphin kick Legal competitive swimming turns and starts 200 freestyle without stopping, with flip turns Swim a legal 100 IM without stopping Kick 3 x 100's of any stroke legal Attend CNS scheduled competitions home and away Have fun swimming 

Bronze 2 - Bronze 2 is the third level of our swim club. Athletes are typically in the 8 – 10 age range. Practice for the bronze group is offered 2+ times weekly with 45 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of dry land training. We encourage swimmers to try and attend 2 – 3 practices per week. Bronze athletes continue to learn the four competitive strokes and more emphasis is placed on swimming “sets” while using a pace clock. 

Swimmers at the bronze level will be part of a team atmosphere and make friends with their teammates. Swimmers in this level compete in dual meets, USA meets and any CNS championship meets for which they qualify. 

Bronze 2 Goals Swim 500 Freestyle without stopping with flip turns Swim legal 50 of each of the four competitive strokes Kick 3 x 100's with a board on 2:55 Learn proper competitive starts from the racing platform Read a pace clock Attend CNS scheduled competitions home and away Have fun swimming 

Silver – Silver is the fourth level of our swim club. Typically athletes range in age from 10 – 13. Practice is offered 3+ times weekly for 90 minutes of swimming and two additional 30 minutes dryland training sessions a week. We encourage swimmers to attend 3 – 5 practices each week. All swimmers will be able to successfully swim each of the four competitive strokes in a legal manner as deemed by USA Swimming. The emphasis for this group is aerobic training, as well as other energy systems (endurance and sprint swimming). They continue to work on the four competitive strokes focusing on stroke technique. Goal setting and race strategy are introduced to the athletes. Swimmers in this level compete in dual meets, USA meets and any CNS championship meets for which they qualify. Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement to the next group. 

Silver Goals: Swim 800 free without stopping Swim legal 100 of each stroke Swim a 200 of 2 different strokes legally Kick 10 100's on 2:45 Understand interval send-offs on the clock Perform all turns and push-offs efficiently Perform all starts effectively Develop consistent practice attendance Attend CNS scheduled competitions home and away Develop goal-setting skills Begin developing race strategies Have fun swimming 

Gold – Typically swimmers range in age from 13 – 18. Practices are offered 4+ times weekly with 2 days of dryland training to take place before or after the swim portion of the practice. We encourage swimmers to attend 4 - 5 practices each week. This group represents the first step towards success in the sport of swimming and beyond. Swimmers in the CNS gold group will be expected to complete 4500 - 5000 yards/meters of swimming each practice and competitively swim all four strokes. Goal setting and end of the season focus are constantly reinforced. Swimmers in this group compete in dual meets, USA meets and any CNS championship meets for which they qualify. When necessary, swimmers will be divided according to their ability. 

Gold Goals: Swim 1650 under 25:00.00 200 Legal of all four strokes Kick 10 100's on 2:10 Understand interval send offs Develop consistent practice attendance Improve fluidity in the start, turns, and push-offs Develop goal setting Attend CNS scheduled competitions home and away Race every distance, every stroke available over the duration of the season Develop and improve race strategies Have fun swimming 

Senior - This group is the highest level associated with Club North Swimming. Typically these swimmers will range in age from 14 - 18. This group provides the discipline training atmosphere necessary for success at the state, sectional, and national level. Swimmers within this group are committed athletes striving for excellence. They are goal-oriented, honest, and ready to further their commitment to future success in the sport of swimming. The practice is offered 5+ times a week with additional dryland training 2 - 3 times a week. 

Senior Goals: Swim 1400 yards in under 20 minutes Swim a 400 IM under 6:00.00 Swim 5 100's stroke (Fly @ 1:55, Back @ 1:45, Breast @ 2:00) Swim 5 200s IM @ 3:20.00 Kick 10 100's @ 1:55.00 Maintain a consistent practice attendance of 90% per month 

MVS Championship Qualifying Times Region VIII Central Section Championship Qualifying Times Swimmers are expected to attend meets CNS is attending Continue development in goal setting Develop and improve race strategies Have fun swimming 

Practice Expectations

CLUB NORTH SWIMMING has a certain expectation on the number of practices a swimmer should be attending during the season. This number of practices is the minimum the coaching staff believes is necessary for the development and progression in the sport of swimming, as well as decreasing the chance of injury. 

Senior Group: 90% Gold Group: 80% or better Silver Group: 3-5 practices/week Bronze Group: 1-3 practices/week Jr. Narwhals: 1-2 practices/week 

90% for any USA National Championship, Jr. National Championship, NCSA/NASA 85% for any Region VIII Sectional Meet *(Attending a meet may count as a practice for the week) 

Practice Days **For exact times, please refer to the team website: Look under the tab “Practice Calendar” 

Practice Information 

1. Swimmers should stay the entire practice. Proper warm-up and cool-down are important aspects of training. Also, typically any announcements will be made at the end of practice. 2. Swimmers should enter the natatorium through the main door at the Gladstone Community Center and swipe their CNS card. Parents must sign-in. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all-time in the lobby areas of GCC. 

3. Locker rooms are available for changing. The coaching staff recommends that swimmers bring all their belongings on the pool deck/bleacher area and NOT to leave them in the locker room area for security reasons. 4. Parents are allowed and invited to watch practice from the viewing area in the bleachers. We ask that you do not sit in the first 6 rows. This allows the coaches the full attention of the swimmers. In addition, be mindful of the lap clock so that swimmers have a clear view while in the water. 5. Please do not come onto the pool deck during practice unless there is an emergency. Conversations with coaches should be arranged during non-practice times or through email. 6. Locker room behavior is a direct reflection on CNS. Our code of conduct rules will be enforced in this area as well as the pool. In addition, please be respectful of the staff for GCC and do not leave trash or belongings behind while maintaining the cleanliness of the area. 7. No parents or swimmers are allowed to enter the “cage”, the area underneath the bleachers where swim equipment is kept. 

Required Equipment for Each Group

We would like our swimmers to wear team sponsored suits whenever possible. A team cap must be worn at ALL meets. 

Please have the bold/starred (*) Items by the first day of practice. You are welcome to purchase the rest of the equipment at this time. The NKC School District allows us to use their equipment. However, we do recommend that the rest of the equipment be purchased as soon as possible. Equipment is not always available at other pools that we utilize during the SCY and LCM season. 

Please use a sharpie to label ALL equipment and we recommend that you do this at the beginning of every month. 

All equipment and suits can be purchased at Squid Swim Shop on North Oak Traffic way. 

*Mesh Bag *Water Bottle  *Jr. Sized Kickboard  *Jr. sized Pull Buoy *Training fins *Center Mount Snorkel  *Hand Paddles (small sizes) 

Club North Swimming does offer a team swimming suit. All team members, including those swimmers in an unattached” status, must wear the team suit in competition. The coaching staff recommends that swimmers wear their team suit in competitions only and a different suit in practices to reduce wear and tear. In championship, shave, and taper meets, 11 & over swimmers are not required to but may wear technical suits. The coaching staff does not recommend these suits for 10 & under. These suits are expensive and CNS coaches do not believe these suits are necessary for fast swimming. If you do decide to purchase one of these suits, check with the coaches as we may receive a discount from our team sponsor. Please check with the coaching staff to make sure you are purchasing a FINA approved suit. 

If your swimmer chooses to wear a cap, he or she must wear the Club North team cap. Athletes may where dome caps in competitions. The racing suit and swim cap are the only required team uniform in competition. The purchase of all other Club North apparel is optional. However, we want to create an incredibly strong tradition of team unity, expressed at meets with the team pride each swimmer demonstrates by wearing only Club North team apparel. 

Swim Meets

The coaching staff encourages all swimmers to participate in swim meets to reward their hard work. Swim meets will be offered for senior, gold, silver, and bronze and Jr. Narwhal swimmers. 

We use Team Unify for all meet entries; you must create a username and password. 

1. All meet cut off dates will be strictly enforced. Often meets fill up very quickly, so we will have a cut-off date for entries to be submitted on Team Unify, once this date has passed, there will be no adds or changes made. 2. If you enter a meet and are unable to swim, scratch, or miss an event, you are still responsible for your meet fees. 

*Separate fees apply for swim meets; these include meet fees and event fees per swimmer. 

Swim Meet Fees

Event fees can vary from meet to meet and season to season, but typically run around $4.50 - $5.50 an event (Prelim/Final, USA National Level Meets, Sectionals carry a higher event fee, $10.00 - $20.00). In 2017 MVS voted to allow teams to charge a facility surcharge, this can be anywhere from $1 - $10 per athlete. A CNS meet fee of $12.00 per athlete will be added for every local meet entered by Club North Swimmers, $25.00 per athlete will be added for any meet where 60 miles or more is traveled. Meet fees are non-refundable. Swim meet fees are added to your monthly invoice and are due the first day of the following month. (Sectional, Jr. Nationals and National qualifiers will be required to share in the travel expenses and fees will be presented prior to travel to each family.) 

National USA Swimming Championships, Futures Championships, Sectional Championships, NCSA Jr. Nationals, NASA Swimming Meets, team travel, or special out of town meets may carry a flat fee that covers trip expenses for team coaches, these fees could also be split evenly between swimmers attending the specified meet. These fees will be billed to your account. 

** If you enter a meet and are unable to swim, scratch, or miss an event, you are still responsible for all your meet/coaching fees. 

**Purpose of the CNS meet fee is to offset any cost associated with paying assistant coaches and travel costs for all coaching staff. These fees are also still due if you scratch a meet; coaching needs are scheduled at the time the file is submitted, therefore the team still incurs the cost of coaches scheduled based on the number of swimmers signed up for the meet regardless of scratches. 

Form C – High School Swimmers H

High School swim meets/times may count for qualification time standards to USA and MVS Championship meets. - Meet must be sanctioned by MVS Swimming -* Google Document Form C must be completed (Head Coach will send this form a few weeks before conference and state) and submitted by CNS to MVS. - Athletes must sign in with the proper official at the high school meet. - High school meet host must submit results to MVS. 

*Club North is only responsible for the FORM C DOCUMENT 

Missouri Valley Scratch Rule

All athletes and parents need to familiarize themselves with the Missouri Valley Scratch rules at Missouri Valley Swimming 

Pool Time and Preemptions

While we do have a preferred relationship with the GCC (Gladstone Community Center), it is NOT an exclusive relationship. We are only one organization seeking pool time from the GCC. We have to apply for, negotiate pricing, and purchase lane time by working around multiple events and other paying customers. CNS has to compete for pool time against the following: 

• High School Swim Meets 

• Men’s High School Swim practice 

• Women’s High School Swim practice 

• High School Dive Team 

• Community Events like the Kids Triathlon 

• Regional/Local USA Swim Events 

• Competing swim teams 

• GCC obligations to members 

• GCC beginning swim lessons 

• GCC aerobic classes 

• USA Swim Masters Program 

• Holidays 

• Pool Closures 

All of these factors have to be considered to create schedules that will allow 160-200 CNS swimmers of all levels to have time in the GCC pool. Sometimes we do not know the schedule until 2 or 3 days before the end of the month. 

The Club Director, Head Coach, and Club President attend multiples of regular meetings with multiple community organizations. In these meetings, they negotiate for prime pricing and the most exclusive times available. 

**There will be preemption of our pool availability for North Kansas City School District swim practices and swim meets. If a meet or practice runs long – we will have to modify our times to comply. ** Understand that flexibility and patience are going to be a part of practices and pool time. 

Gladstone Community Center (GCC) Entry Cards 

GCC requires all CNS members to use an entry card for access to the pool. These cards are issued and maintained by the center (CNS provides a roster list at the beginning of each month). If a swimmer does not have his/her entry card, requiring the staff to look- up their access more than 3 times, the center issues a new card and a $5 payment is due and payable at that time. These entry cards are only for use during CNS practice times and pool lanes. If your card is in bad condition, you may bring it to the front desk for a free exchange to a new one. Parents attending practices are asked to manually sign-in at the front desk. It is the center’s discretion to deny entry rights. 


Club North Swimming does not have a physical address. We are dependent upon the internet by processing your account information on the following:

We understand that not “everybody” has or wants internet access. Therefore, you may send payments or paperwork to the following address: 

Club North Swimming PO BOX 47381 Kansas City, MO 64188 

The PO Box is not checked daily, therefore, correspondence/payments may not be immediately visible on your Team Unify account page. Any correspondence past the 15th of the month may not be attended to during that month. 

Monthly Swimmer Fees

Monthly group practice fees follow: Senior Group: $130/month (if on High School team - $117/month) Gold Group: $115/month (if on High School team - $94/month) Silver Group: $100/month Bronze Group: $90/month Page 13 of 18 

Club North Swimming updated July 2017 

Jr. Narwhal: $70/month 

**Monthly fees are not prorated by month or based on attendance. 

**Monthly fees have been determined based on 12 months of pool time, therefore, months, such as August, with fewer practice times have already been considered in the monthly rates and no further discounts are given. 

***There are no HOLD options this year. If you need to withdrawal from the team you risk losing your spot upon return. 

Registration Fees

Annual Registration Fee - $125 per swimmer 

Annual USA Swimming Membership - $64 per swimmer 

Fundraising fees at registration were changed to be included in the Monthly fees to spread out costs throughout the year. 

We will host a SWIM a THON to generate additional funds and every swimmer is strongly encouraged to participate! 

(Registration Fees are due annually at the time of enrollment - Re-registration of every swimmer is required in July-August for the upcoming season. Annual swim year is from August – July) 

Dues & Fees Collection

Due to security issues involved in handling and securing money in a non-business environment, we are requesting that you pay either online by automatic payment through our website or by mail to our PO Box. Payments are preferred through an automatic withdrawal from a bank account if possible. (Fees are high for a credit card transaction). 

Please do not deliver or present funds to coaches or other individuals affiliated with CNS. 

If you choose to pay electronically - our preferred method is EFT Bank Draft. Credit cards are fine as well but have higher transaction fees. 

You may mail your monthly payment to: 

Make checks payable to “Club North Swimming” Club North Swimming PO BOX 47381 Kansas City, MO 64188 


Fees are billed and due on the first of every month. 

Invoices are available on the website ( after 6:00 am Central time on the first of every month. We do not send invoices or reminders. 

Fees are delinquent on the 15th of the month. If a payment arrangement is made (contact: [email protected]) and accepted then the account will not be considered delinquent. 

Delinquent accounts are handled as follows: 

1. If the delinquent fees remain unpaid and no payment arrangement is made by 

5:00 pm on the last day of the month, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed. Since fees are technically late after the 15th, exceptions do not have to be made for checks arriving in the PO Box after that date. Also, the account will be deactivated with the swimmer removed from the roster (i.e. cannot attend practices or meets). 2. If the swimmer continues to attend practices, the president of the board or his/her delegate will personally communicate the inactive status to the swimmer at practice and ask him/her to sit out. 3. Coaches are not involved in the delinquent billing process. We ask that parents refrain from speaking with coaches about such issues. 

In the event you cannot pay your monthly fee(s) on time, please notify CNS immediately to make billing aware of circumstances and when the fees can be paid. We are happy to work with you on a payment plan. 

Preferred communication is emails to [email protected] 

**A $25 NSF check fee will be charged on returned checks. 

Terminating Membership

If a family wants to terminate their membership, then notification 30-days in advance is required. Notification must be submitted by the 10th of the month prior to the month you wish to withdraw. For example, if you wish to withdraw starting June, the notification must be received by May 10th. This allows the team time to contact waitlist swimmers and have them USA Swim certified to start the next billing month. 

Failure to terminate with 30-day notice results in the charge of normal monthly dues; monthly billing does not stop. Since they are already discounted, Tri-Annual and Annual payment plans will only be given refunds on a case-by-case basis. 

Submit your notification by e-mail to [email protected] 

Written notification should be mailed to: 

Club North Swimming PO BOX 47381 Kansas City, MO 64188 

**Monthly payments are not prorated. 

**Your intent to withdraw must be received in writing to either the withdrawal email address or PO Box within the proper time period for a valid withdrawal. Telling a coach, volunteer, or emailing another address does not constitute a proper withdrawal. 

Member in Bad Standing

Failure to comply with the “Terminating Membership” policy will result in the account classified as a “Member in Bad Standing”. 

We will report the account as “Member in Bad Standing” when transfer requests are received from other Missouri Valley Swim Teams. 

If you wish to return to CNS after leaving in Bad Standing, any prior unpaid meet fees will be due in addition to 2 months past dues per swimmer or the documented previous delinquent amount before re-enrollment is allowed and new fees applied. 

Past Due Accounts

We can and may in some circumstances pursue legal remedies to collect past due accounts. This process is also recorded with USA Swimming. Athletes with past due accounts of 60 days or more will not be allowed to sign up for swim meets. 

Injured Swimmer Policy

We will hold a spot for an injured swimmer for up to 3 months at no charge. We will reevaluate the injured status after the 3 months period has expired. A doctor’s release is required for this process. 

Transfer Swimmers

If you are transferring from another club swimming team, you must be in good standing with that team in order to begin practicing with CNS. Proper Missouri Valley Swimming paperwork must be completed before practicing with CNS. Click the link here for the proper form.

**CNS reserves the right to decline membership to any person for any reason, including but not limited to outstanding account(s) with another swim team(s) and reports of previous conduct in violation of CNS’s Code of Conduct or USA Swimming policies, and excluding those outlined in the Civil Rights of 1964 and as amended in 1991. 

Parent Service Hours 

Volunteers are ESSENTIAL to our team. It takes over 100 volunteers to run a meet and every parent should anticipate at least 8 service hours for the year. Volunteer hours can be earned by timing at away meets as well. 

We may host a swim meet or a championships meet in which ALL families will be required to participate.