Want to Join?

If you would like more information concerning membership in general please contact the following:

 [email protected]

Want to Make A Payment?

CNS Payment policy

If at all possible, please pay your invoice online through your TeamUnify account. Online payments are the most secure method to transfer payment. It is safer for you, for your swimmer, and CNS volunteers, and staff. Transferring payments in a high traffic area in a somewhat public building does have an inherent level of risk in regards to loss or robbery.


The GCC is only our team host. They are not our administrators. They have been instructed by management not to accept our payments.

Where to send payment?

Club North Swimming
PO BOX 47381
Kansas City, MO 64188

When to pay and when is is late?

Invoices are generated on the 1st of the month.

Fees are due on or before the 15th of every month.

Alternative Payments?

If E-Pay is not possible, please make payments by Check or Money Order payable to CLUB NORTH SWIMMING.

Please note your swimmer name(s), roster group and payment month in the memo of your check. (Multiples of people could post payments and we don't know your payment situation. Swimmer names can be different from the names on checks. Please help us understand where to post your payment.)

Cash is problematic due to a lack of personnel to accept the payment without a receipt.

A "stop pay" can be placed on a check or money order - but cash is untraceable. Cash in the drop box does not mean we guarantee receipt of your funds. We will take reasonable care to protect the "payment drop box" at the pool. However, we are not a bank and we cannot guarantee in any capacity that your cash payments are secure and traceable.

Neither CNS coaches nor CNS volunteer or CNS appointee will provide a traceable receipt of cash payment or be responsible for the security of any cash payments.

In short: The risk of paying cash is at your discretion. This is not a punitive measure. CNS does not have the resources to staff both coaches and an on-deck team secretary to protect an untraceable payment source. We appreciate your understanding of our current limitations.

If you must pay cash - please put it in a sealed, windowless envelope with a note enclosed that defines your swimmer name(s), roster group and month for payment.

Unbelievably - we have had multiple occurrence of random cash dropped in the payment box. We can't credit payment to an account if you don't document the associated swimmer and/or invoice number.

Coaches typically don't have a "tip jar" but how else can we classify random cash? That was a rhetorical question - please, if you must pay cash then clearly document your payments.

Need to Withdraw Membership (Quit) from the team?

CNS Withdraw Policy

If you intend to withdraw membership (quit) from the CNS team in “Good Standing”, you must declare your “Intent to Withdraw” on or before the 10th day of the current month.

To declare your “Intent to Withdraw” you should do one of the following:

·Send an email to [email protected]

We need the following information:

·Swimmers name
·Name of the account holder
·Valid email address
·Phone number of the account holder

What is not considered “Intent to Withdraw”:

·Telling a coach does not fulfill “Intent to Withdraw”
·Telling a CNS volunteer does not fulfill “Intent to Withdraw”

We are a non-profit organization and do not have staffing to pursue legal remedy or employ past due collections. (Actually, we could send your account to the USA Swim organization for collections - but we would rather be a team that is amiable.) However, if you leave the team without declaring your “Intent to Withdraw” you will have to pay all old balances before you can rejoin the team.

What do you mean by a Non-Profit organization?

CNS is a 501(c) non-profit organization. For a full definition of Non-profit click the following: Wikipedia Non-Profit

The goal of CNS is to be a community swim team that focuses on the affordable professional training of young swimmers.

CNS accomplishes that goal by regulating, and charging fees that only allow for appropriate facilities, professional head coaches, coach trainees and administrative infrastructure costs.

We are not seeking to collect monetary gain for an individual or group of individuals. All fees and charges are for the self-preservation, and expansion of the organization.

You keep messing with the schedules. Why can't you set the practices for one time and keep them there?

If CNS owned an Olympic Sized Pool - CNS would set hard schedules.

But CNS doesn't own an Olympic Sized Pool - so CNS doesn't control the schedule.

While we do have a preferred relationship with the GCC (Gladstone Community Center) it is NOT an exclusive relationship.

We are only one organization that is seeking pool time from the GCC.

We have to apply for, negotiate pricing and purchase lane time by working around multiple events and other paying customers.

CNS has to compete for pool time against the following:

High School Swim Meets

  Mens High School Swim practice

  Womens High School Swim practice

High School Dive Team

Community Events like the Kids Triathlon

Regional/Local USA Swim Events

Competing swim teams

  GCC obligations to members

  GCC beginning swim lessons

  GCC aerobic classes

USA Swim Masters Program


Pool Closures

All of these factors have to be considered to create schedules that will allow 160-200 CNS swimmers of all levels to have time in the GCC pool.

Sometimes we don't know the schedule until 2 or 3 days before the end of the month.

The Club Director and Club President attend multiples of regular meetings with multiple community organizations. In these meetings they negotiate for prime pricing and the most exclusive times available. All of this to assure CNS can use the GCC Pool and keep CNS in a single convenient location.

My swimmer is a great swimmer. Why can't they be on Bronze/Silver/Gold/Senior Roster?

Multiple factors are weighed when deciding if a swimmer is ready for a specific roster.

Some of those factors are attendance, age, physical fitness level, social skills, roster sizing, coach availability and pool availability.

The primary goal of CNS is "affordable professional training of young swimmers".

Emphasis on professional training.

The combined years of training and experience on our lead coaching staff is over 115 years and averages over 14 1/2 years.

Each coach has "life experience" as both an athlete and a coach.

They have "first hand" knowledge and understanding of the swimmers mind, the social stratas, physical demands, and the overall swim experience. The CNS coaching staff evaluate all swimmers based upon all of these criteria.

So, don't be offended if the answer is "We can't move your swimmer at this time."

Yes, your swimmer has competitive experience, great swim times, and a true dedication of the sport.

First and foremost - this is NOT a personal attack or berating decision.

The decision is based on a comprehensive examination of multiple complicated factors and professional instinct.

Things change. Ask for a formal revaluation in 90 days.