Tryout Information

Please see our "Swimmer Evaluations" Tab under  "About CNS", thank you. 

Swimmer Groups and Calendars

Swimmers are placed in groups based on coaches' recommendations.  To begin with Club North Swimming (CNS), a swimmer must be able to swim once across the 25-meter pool.  As stroke skills are increased, the coaches will shift the swimmers to the appropriate group levels.  (Click on the Swim Groups tab for more information.)  Each group has a practice calendar.  To access a group's calendar, go to the Group Calendars tab and click the group name from the dropdown list under Pick A Calendar.  Although CNS tries to maintain an unwavering schedule, high school and community events at the natatorium can require adjustments.

Practice schedule

For a practice schedule, please click on "Group Calendars."

Swimmer Fees
2021-22 Monthly group practice fees:

  • Elite Group: $135/month 

  • Senior Group: $120/month

  • Senior Development Group: $105/month

  • Gold Group: $105/month

  • White and Navy Group: $95/Month

  • Junior Narwhals: $70/month (White & Navy)

    • ALL ​High School Swimmers: $94/month

*Separate fees apply for swim meets; these include meet fees and event fees per swimmer. Fees will be billed and are due on the 1st of each month.  If fees are not paid by the 15th of the month due, the following late penalties will be assessed:

1. At 15-days delinquent a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed.
2. At 30-days delinquent you will receive a reminder that your account is past due.
3. If an account is 45-days delinquent, the swimmer(s) will not be allowed to participate in team meets.
4. If an account goes to 60-days delinquent, the family will not be allowed to participate in ANY part of the program, including practices, meets, or any other club function.

*In the event you cannot pay your monthly fee(s) on time, please notify CNS immediately (email: to make us aware of circumstances and when the fee(s) will be paid.

Fee Collection
1.  Club North Swimming offers the convenience of automatic bill pay through your account on our Team Unify website. 

 2. You may mail your monthly payment to:
     Club North Swimming
     PO BOX 47381
     Kansas City, MO 64188-7381

*Please make checks payable to Club North Swimming*

Need to withdraw membership (quit) from the team?

CNS Withdraw Policy

If you intend to withdraw membership (quit) from the CNS team in “Good Standing”, you must declare your “Intent to Withdraw” on or before the 10th day of the current month.  Any family that withdraws after the 10th of the month will be responsible for the next month's monthly dues.  Failure to withdraw using the email address of [email protected] will result in monthly dues continuing to bill automatically through our billing system. Please note that any unpaid balances must be paid prior to rejoining the team at any future date.  

To declare your “Intent to Withdraw” you should do the following:

Send an email to [email protected]g            

We need the following information:

·Swimmers name
·Name of the account holder
·Valid email address
·Phone number of the account holder

What is not considered “Intent to Withdraw”:

·Telling a coach does not fulfill “Intent to Withdraw”
·Telling a CNS volunteer does not fulfill “Intent to Withdraw”

We are a non-profit organization and have limited collection efforts but we may use legal counsel to pursue unpaid balances.  (Actually, we could send your account to the USA Swim organization for collections - but we would rather be a team that is amiable.) However, if you leave the team without declaring your “Intent to Withdraw” you will have to pay all old balances before you can rejoin the team

New Membership

If you would like more information concerning membership in general, please contact the following:

[email protected]