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Being a swimmer is hard work! There are so many variables that can affect how an athlete performs. Here are some links to help you and your athlete  explore the world of swim, understand how their body works, how to work with coaches, and how to help develop his or her strokes and overall skills.

The Wonderful World of Swim

USA Swim

Missouri Valley Swim

Missouri High School Swimming

College Swimming Database


Swimming World Online

How To Sign Up For Swim Meets

Swim Meets 101


Health and Nutrition

Nutrition for the Growing Athlete

Hydration for the Child Athlete 

Eating for Recovery 

Sleep Deprivation and How It Affects Performance

Shoulder Injury Prevention


Coach & Swimmer, Coach & Parent

Working WITH the Coach

USA Swimming: Parents

Top 10 Questions Every Parent Wants to Know


Swimmer Development

5 Tips to the Best Freestyle Arm Stroke

5 Tips for Goal Setting

How to Use Self Talk for Better Practices

A Simple Trick to Stop You From Freaking Out Behind The Blocks


Swimmer and Parent

Setting Goals for Young Swimmers

13 Steps to Being A Winning Parent