CNS Fees
CNS does collect annual registration fees and monthly fees from each member. These fees help us maintain the best coaching staff and provide funding to rent pool time for practices. 
Registration Fees
Annual Registration Fee: $135 per swimmer (this fee is prorated based on when you register with CNS after the annual registration in July/August)
Facility Fee: $10 per swimmer
USA Swim Fee: $74 per swimmer
Monthly Fees By Group
Elite: $140/month
Senior: $125/month
Senior Development: $110/month
Gold: $110/month
Navy: $100/month
White: $100/month
Jr. Narwhals: $75/month
High School Swimmers: $100/month
**This only applies to high school swimmers who participate with their high school swim team and register during annual registration in July/August. The discount helps cover the cost of CNS practices that will be missed while athletes are participating in high school swim activities.**
Swim Meet Fees
Swim meets are an additional fee set by the host team. Fees are listed in the meet information that is sent out by the coaching staff prior to swim meet signup deadlines. These fees can vary and are the responsibility of the athlete. A small coaching fee will also be added to the swim meet bill to cover the cost of the coaches and their expenses while attending the meets. Swim meet bills will be provided for families after each meet.
To learn more about our fees, how to submit a payment, and other billing expectations, please see the CNS Handbook under the Current Members tab.