In most of the competitive groups*, swimmers will be moved into groups two times per year:

1) After short course season is completed (end of March) 

2) After long course season is completed (end of August)  

Each swimmer move is carefully planned and discussed by coaches. In addition to stated group requirements consideration will be given to:


  • Swimmer Maturity

  • Personal Training Level

  • Meet Attendance

  • Practice Attendance

  • The overall ability for the swimmer to be successful in the next group. 


All swimmers will be placed into groups that will facilitate the best growth and success possible within our competitive swimming program.  


Final placement is solely at the discretion of the coaching staff.

*Swimmers in Little Tigersharks 1,2 & 3 may be moved at any time during the year when they have reached to requirements for the next group.

Age Group Descriptions

Senior Group Descriptions