Foundations of Swimming 1 & 2

Foundations 1: 100% instruction for swimmers of all ages who join the team. Foundations 1 as a bridge between lessons or summer swim team and year-round swimming. Foundations 1 is taught with a low coach to swimmer ratio focusing on learning to swim and basic technique each day.

Skills for entry:

  • Ability to swim 10 yards without stopping on front and back any stroke.

Group focus:

  • Proper head position & flutter kicking on front and back,
  • Streamline
  • Rotary breathing for freestyle
  • Diving from side
  • Breaststroke kick & dolphin kick.
  • Learn lane etiquette & team expectations.

Foundations 2: entry-level competition group for 12 and under swimmers. 90% of the practice is instruction and technique work, 10% of practice is training.

Skills for entry:

  • Legal breaststroke & dolphin kick 
  • Ability to streamline off walls & dives
  • Rotary bilateral breathing in freestyle
  • Strong flutter kick on front & back
  • Proper diving technique from the side

Group Focus:

  • Emphasis on proper body position
  • Strong kicking on front and back
  • Streamline dolphin kicking off of walls & starts
  • Diving from blocks
  • underwater pullouts for breaststroke
  • Turns for all strokes
  • Legal and competent strokes in all four competitive strokes.
  • Competition at home meets is expected & competition at away meets is encouraged


Explorers: This group is for swimmers ages 8-14 who are ready to experience the next level of competitive swimming. 70% of the practice is technique and instruction, 30% is training.

Skills for Entry:

  • Legal and competent in all four competitive strokes
  • Ability to streamline off walls
  • Underwater pullouts & correct turns in all four strokes including IM
  • Ability to swim 200 yards of freestyle without stopping & 100 IM

Group Focus:

  • Learning to love competitive swimming while increasing training & more advanced stroke work
  • Emphasis on underwaters, turns, racing technique, starts, body position, breathing patterns & consistent kicking
  • Introduction to intervals & breath control
  • Participation in home swim meets is required & away home meets is strongly encouraged
  • Swimmers will be working towards achieving Missouri Valley (MV) Swimming District and Championship meet times throughout the year and should plan to attend the highest level championship meet they qualify for. 

Transition Junior

Transition Junior: This group is for swimmers ages 9-12 who have achieved and attended Championship level meets and are excited for the next level of swimming. 50% of the practice continues to focus on technique and instruction, and the other 50% is age-appropriate training.

Skills for Entry:

  • All four strokes are consistent & legal with solid technique
  • Swimmer has an IMR score and has times in most events needed for an IMX score
  • Streamline dolphin kicking and underwater pullouts at every wall including starts
  • Two MV District cuts in two different strokes
  • Ability to swim a minimum of 2,000 yards in a practice.

Group Focus:

  • Daily focus on underwater kicking, pullouts and streamlining
  • Breathing patterns and controlling breath off walls including starts
  • Body position including sculling and kicking with emphasis on body position while swimming
  • Efficient turns: Flipturns for back and free, open turns and crossover turns for IM
  • Introduction to pace: Teach swimmers how to find their appropriate pace based on goal times
  • Practice holding prescribed pace times for 100's of free/stroke, 200 free/IM, and 500 free
  • Loving the sport while moving to the next level.


Senior Prep

Please note that Senior Prep is currently suspended due to capacity limitations from COVID. If you have a swimmer that you think would be a good fit for this group, email [email protected] and we will find a spot if we have openings! 

Senior Prep: For swimmers 13 and over.

Group Focus:

  • Newer swimmers who are still working on technique fundamentals
  • Swimmers who want to swim for a few weeks or months to improve their fitness for high school swimming
  • Swimmers who choose not to compete, but want to engage in a healthy, lifelong fitness activity

**Practices are offered 4 times per week at Hickman High School pool and there are no minimum practice attendance requirements. Please note that volunteering at the CSC hosted meets is still required even if swimmers are not competing.