Senior Prep

For swimmers 13 and over. This group is for:

  • Newer swimmers who are still working on technique fundamentals
  • Swimmers who want to swim for a few weeks or months to improve their fitness for high school swimming
  • Swimmers who choose not to compete but want to engage in a healthy, lifelong fitness activity

Practices are offered 4 times per week at Hickman High School pool and there are no minimum practice attendance requirements. Please note that volunteering at the CSC hosted meets is still required even if swimmers are not competing.

Transition Senior

Focuses on older swimmers (13 and Over) transitioning to a higher level of training that reflects the expectation of 13 and over meet events and practices, as well as preparing for the high school swimming programs in Columbia and higher Senior levels at CSC. 

In this group a 75% attendance is expected (a minimum of 4 our of 6 practices per week). Swimmers are also expected to compete in meets the Coach feels appropriate. When the coach of this group feels the swimmers are prepared for the Achievers group the parents and swimmer will be notified. Unlike other groups, swimmers may be moved to the Achievers group at any time during the season. Swimmers may choose to remain in Transition Sr. or move to Achievers when asked to move up based on desired commitment level.

Skills for Entry:

  • 13 and Over
  • Legal in all four strokes
  • Ability to swim 2,000 yards in a practice



Swimmers in this group are striving to achieve goals at an increasingly high level, preparing for championship meets at the LSC, Regional, and National Level.

Achievers Group Description:
This group is for swimmers who are 13 years old or older. The goal of this group is to continue the development of swimmers in training, technique, and mental areas. This group also starts to introduce advanced race strategies and race details. The primary training focus for this group is IM focused. Swimmers in this group should be striving to compete at the Sectional level and to qualify for NCSAs/ISCAs and beyond. 

Must be 13 years of age or older
85% attendance is expected.
Able to train 10x100 free @ 1:25; 10x100s Kick @ 1:50; and 5x200s IM @ 3:10(all scy)
Must have the coaches approval to be in this group. 


National Group 

For swimmers age 15 & older that are wanting to swim at the National & International level. These swimmers should be willing to do the training it takes to swim at this level. Swimmers are expected to go to all meets the coaches feel are important to this development. 

This group is only for those that are willing to add to a positive team culture and willing to do what is best for the team. 

Must be 15 years of age or in High School
100% attendance is expected 
Must have the coaches approval to be in this group