Become a Columbia Swim Club Stroke & Turn Official

Why become an official?

  • Support an excellent sport for children and promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

  • You will gain a more thorough understanding of competitive swimming.

  • Fulfill your volunteer obligations. 

  • Get closer to the action; know what’s happening on deck with the “best seat” at the pool.

  • Get mentally and physically engaged during the meet rather than merely “spectating.”

  • Receive free admission and great hospitality during sessions officiated.


STEP 1: USA Swimming Registration


STEP 2:  USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policy

All Non-Athlete USA Swimming members, including Officials, must complete the following:

  • USA Swimming Criminal Background Check (regardless of any previous criminal background check you may have completed). There is a $39 fee for first-time officials.

  • Take the Athlete Protection Module course.  It takes about 20 minutes.

  • NOTE:  Prior to getting taking your APT training you will need to set up an account on the USA Swimming Site.  Simply click Sign-In in the upper right-hand part of the page.  You will also need to have completed your registration as a non-athlete member.  Please use the exact same name for registration, background check and APT.


STEP 3:  Start Your Training

Take your USA Swimming Test:  Complete USA Swimming’s on-line, open-book test, “Stroke and Turn Certification Test”.  A stroke and Turn official will need to take both the Timer and S&T Judge test. 

Attend a Training Clinic     

  • Attend a Stroke & Turn Training Clinic.  These are conducted in various locations throughout the LSC.  Check the Event page on the Missouri Valley website.

  • You can filter the calendar by choosing ‘Officials’ in the event category.


Apprentice On-Deck

The Stroke & Turn is required to work with a full status official for a minimum of six meet sessions (not including Time Trials).  In order to provide the trainee with the opportunity to work with a number of experienced officials, these six or more meet sessions must be worked at a minimum of TWO DIFFERENT MEETS.  These work sessions shall be recorded in the Official’s Tracking System database via the USA Swimming official’s website by the meet referee.



USA Swimming Card – You can access your USA non-athlete card once you have achieved after you have registered AND successfully completed the Criminal Background Check and USA Swimming online Athlete Protection Training module.

  • Log in to your USA Swimming account

  • Click "My Deck Pass" in the upper right-hand corner

  • Scroll down and click "My Membership Card"

  • You can click "Print Volunteer Card" if you wish to have a hard copy

    Official Card – Once you have completed the training Clinic, USA Swimming online test, and the apprentice sessions, you will be able to print your Certification card on the USA Swimming website.