New Member Fee: When you join the team there is a one time new member fee of $25. 



Monthly Fees

Paid over 11 Months

Little Tigersharks

 $                       61.62

Age Group White

 $                       81.00

Age Group Black

 $                       90.56

Age Group Gold

$                      104.44

Tigershark Black

 $                     150.22

Tigershark Gold

 $                     205.20

Senior White

 $                     209.76

Senior Black

 $                    282.88

Senior Gold2

 $                     282.88

Payments will be through the Team Unify system. No checks are accepted. Accounts will be automatically billed monthly on the 1st of the month. It is the members responsibility to make sure that they have a valid card or ACH on file. 

Full payment is due on the first day of each month and is considered delinquent after the 15th of the first month of each quarter. After the 15th a late fee of $20 per account will be assessed. Fees will not be prorated except in cases of injury or if a swimmer starts halfway through the month. Planned team breaks such a Spring Break are not prorated. 


Meet Registration and Fees                                                                                              
Registration for meets will be done through the Team Unify system and billed the month AFTER the meet occurs and paid via autopay. For example, if a meet takes place in June the meet fees will be billed on July 1st. Once the entries have been sent to the host team the fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The applicable meet fees can be found in the meet information, which will be posted on the Team Unify site for each meet. Please read the meet information prior to registration to familiarize yourself with the charges. Below are examples of a typical meet fees:


Example of Meet Fees (estimates)

Fees Description


Mid-season meet


Championship Meet






Facility Surcharge




Fee per event (4-8 events typical)




CSC Meet Surcharge *




Flat fee




*This surcharge helps to offset coaching costs such as travel, hotel and meal costs.


No dues refunds will be made, except for major medical reasons.


Notification of Swimmers not participating in program

Columbia Swim Club is limited in the number of participants due to pool availability. We are a year-round program that practices year-round. Therefore, we ask you make the minimum commitment to the program.

Our Beginning Swim Team Groups which include the Little Tigersharks and Age Group White group we only ask that you make a monthly commitment. We will continue to charge your account each month. If you wish to discontinue in these groups, you must notify our billing department ([email protected]) by the 20th of the preceding month you wish to stop. We do anticipate a waiting list for these groups. Once you opt out there is no guarantee that there will be an opening available when you wish to return.

Our Competitive Swim Team Groups, which include Age Group Black, Age Group Gold, Tigershark Black, Tigershark Gold, Senior White, Senior Black and Senior Gold. We ask that your minimum commitment is for a Quarter (3 months), opt out dates are November 20th, February 20th & May 20th.