New Member Fee: When you join the team there is a one time new member fee of $25. 

For ALL membership (new and returning) there is an annual USA Swimming registration fee of $80*.  This fee includes USA Swimming membership (required for all swimmers) and is charged at registration. For returning members, the fee is charged on September 1 for the upcoming year. New members will pay the $80 fee on the date they join the team. 

Monthly practice fees for groups at Hickman Pool

Group Monthly Cost
Foundations 1 $69
Foundations 2 $72.83
Explorers $78.58

Monthly practice fees for groups at Mizzou Aquatic Center

Group Monthly Cost
Transition Jr. $103.50
Transition Sr. $134.09
Achievers $180.70
National $191.67

Monthly Surcharges

Swimmers at the Mizzou site are charged a $9 per month surcharge to help off set the higher costs at that facility. 

Each family is charged $3.50 per month for the hosted meet hospitality surcharge.

Fall 2020: Due to budget shortfalls as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a $3 per month surcharge for each swimmer.

Summer long course and summer league swimming starts June 1 and ends in early August. Summer fees are split into two payments and billed on June 1 and July 1. The summer season fees will not be prorated without approval from your swimmer's lead coach. The business manager must be informed of any absences subject to prorated fees PRIOR to May 31.


Other fees, discounts and costs. 

Multi-Swimmer Discount: Families with more than one child swimming will be subject to the following discounts per month: 1st child: Full price, 2nd child: $5 discount, 3rd child: $25 discount, 4th or more: $41.66 discount.

Payment must be made through the TeamUnify system. No checks are accepted. Accounts are automatically billed monthly on the 1st of the month. It is the members responsibility to make sure that they have a valid card or ACH on file. 

Full payment is due on the first day of each month and is considered delinquent after the 15th of the first month of each quarter. After the 15th a late fee of $20 per account will be assessed. Fees will not be prorated except in cases of injury or if a swimmer starts halfway through the month. Planned team breaks such a Spring Break are not prorated. 

Delinquent Account Policy
If accounts are 45 days delinquent the family's swimmer (s) will no longer be permitted to participate in any aspect of program including practices, meets or other club functions. No swimmer will be entered in a meet if the family’s account is not current.
Meet Fees                                                                                              
Meets will be registered through the TeamUnify system and billed the month AFTER the meet occurs and paid with the autopay. For example, if a meet takes place in June the meet fees will be billed on July 1. Meet fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once the entries have been sent to the host team.

Meet Costs
Swim meets typically cost about $5 per event and often include a surcharge or $10-15 to offset facility rental cost. Intrasquads at Hickman are a usually a flat fee regardless of number of events. Each swimmer is also charged a $15 CSC meet surcharge. This surcharge helps to offset coaching costs such as travel, hotel and meal costs. Meet fees are always explained in the meet information, which will be posted on the TeamUnify site, please read the meet information before each meet to familiarize yourself with the charges. 
Notification of Swimmers not participating in program

Families wishing to end auto payment must notify the business manager (email) by the 20th of the month BEFORE they wish to discontinue auto payment.


No dues refunds will be made except for medical reasons.


Meet Hospitality Surcharge ($3.50 per month, per family)

This $42 per year fee is charged to offset the cost of meet hospitality that is provided to coaches and officials when CSC hosts meets - our biggest fundraisers. The hospitality room is an area that provides meals to meet workers who are at the meet all day, sometimes up to 12 hours without leaving. By charging a $3.50 fee per month to membership we are able to provide food to the coaches and officials without incurring costs or relying solely on donations. This amount is figured into the program costs listed above.