Fundraising is an integral aspect of ensuring the longevity of the club and keeping fees affordable.  

Swim meets and fees provide the club some of the money necessary to cover expenses but are not enough to sustain the club. Fundraising requires 100% participation by all families to promote ownership and accountability throughout the club to achieve this goal. 

The expectation to meet this goal is $200 for each family per CSC's fiscal year (Sept 1-Aug 31).  Any family feeling they will have difficulty meeting the expectation can contact the business manager (Email Coach Sarah).

We track donations by calendar year (for your tax purposes) and will gladly offer a receipt for any donation upon request. Columbia Swim Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax-deductible. If you have not met your fundraising obligation by the end of the fiscal year or if you leave the swim club prior to the year's end, the prorated portion of your fundraising obligation ($16.75 per month that you were active with the team) will be billed to your card on file with the club. 

There are different ways to raise funds to meet your expectations:

OPTION 1: Buy-out online option available through TeamUnify 

For $16.75 per month, you can opt-out of taking part in any online fundraising activity and be billed for your portion of the fundraising monthly. Here is a step-by-step instruction guide on how to sign up for the buy-out option. 

OPTION 2: Raise funds through different fundraising opportunities throughout the year. 

Each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) CSC offers options to raise funds that are super fun and family-friendly. All of these opportunities give your family the option of raising funds by asking businesses and outside sponsors for donations, so your $200 fundraising expectation comes from outside sources. Our families are very successful at obtaining business sponsors and it’s a great way for businesses to get their name paired with a large built-in community.

Fall, Winter, and Summer Options (hosted swim meets):

During hosted swim meets families will be given opportunities to sponsor events during the meet for $25 per event. Many families have received sponsorships for swimmers from local businesses. This option is a win-win as the business gets great advertising and the family can meet their fundraising expectations and honor their child by sponsoring his or her event. There are 3 hosted meets per year (Fall, Winter and Summer quarter) that can include event sponsorships – it’s a fun way to recognize your swimmer while meeting your family fundraising expectation.

Spring: Wacky Races

Every Spring, CSC hosts the Wacky Races at Hickman Pool. This crazy fundraiser includes wacky events (such as dog paddle, crazy relays, diva a superhero races and more!) the opportunity to race coaches and coach relays and many more awesome activities! Registration is $25 per swimmer anything you spend at the Wacky Races goes towards your family's fundraising expectation.

OPTION 3: SCRIP cards. Buy gift cards at places you already shop and get a percentage back that applies to your fundraising! SCRIP is a great way to get your fundraising done while spending money you would already use. With a new app to make it extra easy, SCRIP is a great choice. To find out how to sign up for SCRIP - contact our SCRIP coordinator, Gisela Coy. Email Gisela

You can combine any of the above fundraising methods!