Columbia Swim Club Volunteer Service Policy

Columbia Swim Club (CSC) has a proud history of providing an enriched competitive swimming program that includes hosting local and regionalswimming competitions. We are also committed to the community by supporting and sponsoring several state and regional events. Parent volunteers are vital to the success of CSC. CSC relies heavily on parent volunteers to perform many of the organizational and administrative tasks that are necessary to run the club and provide your child with a great swimming experience. Without a strong parent volunteer base, monthly dues would be higher, and programs and opportunities would be limited.​

Most successful swim clubs have instituted a volunteer program to meet four objectives:

1. Benefit swimmers: Competition allows swimmers to have opportunities to race and test the skills they work so hard to achieve. Volunteering at our home meets gives the added benefit of a familiar environment without the added time and expense of traveling.

2. Allow the team to prosper: The dollars raised from the meets we host far exceed any other fundraising that CSC 

does. This enables the team to keep dues at a reasonable level while providing the staff, facilities and equipment required to maintain a premium competitive swim team.

3. Get more families involved: Meets hosted by CSC require an average of 80 workers per session. The volunteer commitment program helps to involve all families so we can continue to host well-run, well-attended and successful meets.

4. Promote and actively support competitive swimming in our community: Swimming is unique in that it relies almost exclusively on volunteers. By volunteering, you are actively supporting the team, the sport, and your child’s swimming experience.


All families must participate in each home meet. The requirements for each family are dependent upon each swimmer’s practice group (Age Group White through Senior Gold). Volunteer requirements are applicable regardless of whether a family has a swimmer participating in the meet. Volunteer credit can be earned by any family member, relative, or other reliable representative (friends, neighbors, etc) 13 years or older.​ While not required, Little Tiger Shark families are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer at meets.  This is a great way to learn more about meets and how they operate.

Requirements for each meet (as determined by the Volunteer Coordinator(s)) must be met for all families.​

Families with swimmers in Age Group White and above will be assessed a financial penalty for failing to meet their volunteer requirements. The penalty for failing to fulfill a families’ volunteer commitment will incrementally increase. The first missed session will result in a $100 penalty. The second missed session will result in a $200 penalty. Each successive penalty will accrue additional $200 penalties. Missed sessions will be calculated per meet and will be posted immediately on the families account. For example, a missed session during a February meet will be the first missed session during that year and any subsequent missed session (e.g. at the CSC Summer Invitational) will be the second violation. At the end of the fiscal year (August), the penalty calculation will be reset to zero.​

At the discretion of the Head Coach, a “hold” may be placed on a swimmer until the fees are paid.

Families receiving financial scholarships must meet 100% of their volunteer obligation.​

Any family may choose to opt out of all volunteer requirements. The rate for membership fees for “zero” hours of volunteer support is 2.5x the amount of the normal group fee for each swimmer in the family. No multi-swimmer discount is available.​​

All volunteers must abide by USA Swimming's Safe Sport Policies.  Click here and scroll down to page 5 to read over USA Swimming's Safe Sport Policies for Volunteers.  

How long is a session? Sessions range from 4 hours to 6 hours. The 12 and Under sessions are required by USA Swimming to be 4 hours or less. Senior sessions are usually slightly longer. Volunteers must work the entire assigned session to receive credit. Please do not ask to leave after your child’s last race

What volunteer positions are available?  Click here to read all of the volunteer job descriptions.

Championship meets (in gold/bold below) have time qualifications and not all CSC Swimmers can participate. However, all families are required to work these meets as they are a huge revenue maker for the team and the entire team benefits from hosting these meets. We would like it to be a family event. At Championship meets, swimmers not participating in the meet, can and should help with volunteer requirements. Swimmers 10 and under can be paraders at Championship Meets. (Paraders do count as a volunteer shift if his/her parent is timing) Swimmers 11 and up may time with a parent who has timed before. Swimmers 13 and up may time on their own.

Below is an example of what groups were required to work during the 2019-2020 season which should help to give you an idea of what you will be required to work this year:

2019-2020 Session Requirments:
Age Group White: 1 session
Age Group Black: 2 sessions
Age Group Gold: 4 sessions
Tigershark Black through Senior Gold: 6 sessions

Hosted meets:
October - Jim Devine Memorial InvitationalJanuary - Tiger Invite
March - Speedo Sectional Championship Meet
June – CSC Summer invite
July – Missouri Valley Swimming LSC Championships

Please note the shifts listed above are the most families will be asked to work. Depending on the size of the meet, meet format and the size of club, shift requirements could be less and will always be stated in an email with the sign up for each home meet.

If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator at [email protected]