2019 Columbia Swim Club New Parent FAQ



At CSC, we are committed to providing the best possible competitive swimming experience for your child.  Please take time to read these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our club.

What are the goals for young swimmers?
Our goal is to provide young swimmers high quality coaching and technique work to give them a base to be the best swimmer they can be all in a fun and exciting environment.  Becoming a great swimmer is a lot of fun at CSC.

Do you work on stroke technique?
Our emphasis at CSC is on excellent stroke technique and in the beginning levels most of practice time is spent on improving and learning strokes, as well as learning all the elements needed to be a competitive swimmer such as starts, turns and racing techniques.  Coaches frequently get into the pool to work with swimmers and to demonstrate technique.

Are we expected to attend meets?
CSC hosts several meets per year at the MU Aquatic Center and Hickman Pool and attends out of town meets that are generally in the Kansas City and St. Louis area. For the Foundations 1 swimmers just starting in the club the coaches, parents and swimmer will work together to decide when they are ready to attend a meet. Foundations 2 level and higher attendance at home meets is expected and at least one travel meet is strongly encouraged. Swimmer must attend any championship meet they qualify for.

How many practices a week are required swimmer attend?
Attendance at all practices is not mandatory but attending as many practices as possible is encouraged in order to achieve the best swimming results

What are the expectations for parents of swimmers?
Parents are expected to provide positive support and encouragement for their swimmer outside of the pool while letting the coach guide the swimming experience at the pool.  Through support and confidence in the CSC program, parents will give their children the opportunity to be the best possible swimmer.   Families are also required to provide volunteer hours for the club to help with the 5 meets we host per year.  You will receive a volunteer packet after you register that outlines expectations and number of hours needed.

Beginning Swimmer Groups

Foundations 1

This group is 100% instruction for swimmers of all ages who join the team. Foundations 1 as a bridge between lessons or summer swim team and year round swimming. Foundations 1 is taught with a low coach to swimmer ratio focusing on learning to swim and basic technique each day.

Skills for entry: Ability to swim 25 yards without stopping on front and back any stroke.

Group focus: Proper head position, flutter kicking on front and back, streamline, rotary breathing for freestyle, diving from side & breaststroke kick and dolphin kick. Learn lane etiquette and teamwork.

Cost:  $60 per month

Foundations 1 Schedule:  

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30-5 PM 
Friday 5-5:45 PM

Location: Hickman Pool

Foundations 2

This grop is the entry level competition group for 12 and Under swimmers. 90% of the practice is instruction and technique work, 10% of practice is training.

Skills for entry: Legal breaststroke and dolphin kick, ability to streamline off walls and dives, rotary bilateral breathing in freestyle, strong flutter kick on front and back and proper diving technique.

Group Focus: Emphasis on proper body position, strong kicking on front and back, streamline dolphin kicking off of walls and starts, diving from blocks, underwater pullouts for breaststroke, turns for all strokes, legal and competent strokes in all four competitive strokes. Competition at home meets is expected, competition at away meets is encouraged.

Cost: $63.67 per month. Membership is month to month.

Foundations 2 Schedule:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 5-5:45 PM

Location: Hickman Pool



This group is for swimmers ages 9-14 who are ready to experience the next level of competitive swimming. 70% of the practice is technique and instruction, 30% is training.

Skills for Entry: Legal and competent in all four competitive strokes. Ability to streamline off walls, underwater pullouts and correct turns in all four strokes and IM. Ability to swim 200 yards of freestyle without stopping and 100 IM.

Group Focus: Learning to love competitive swimming while increasing training and more advanced stroke work. Emphasis on under waters, turns, racing technique, starts, body position, breathing patterns and consistent kicking. Introduction to intervals and breath control. Participation in home swim meets is required and away home meets is strongly encouraged. Swimmers will be working towards achieving Missouri Valley Swimming District and Championship meet times throughout the year.

Cost: $68.33 per month. Membership is month to month.

Explorers Schedule:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 5:45-7 PM; Saturday 8:30-10 AM

Location: Hickman Pool

Other Fees and Fundraising

New Member Fee: $103 per swimmer (includes annual USA Swimming Registration and swim cap) This fee is billed when you register online.

Meet Costs: Meets range from $15 - $50 per meet.

Annual Fundraising goals: CSC has an annual fundraising expectation of $200 per family. This can be achieved in three different ways.


  1. You can make a donation that is automatically billed each month for $16.75.
  2. You can participate in fundraising activities throughout the year including sponsoring events at meets for your child, participating in the Wacky Race fundraiser and Silent Auction, and more.
  3. You can donate some online and participate in some fundraising events to mix up how fund are raised. For example, you can sponsor an event in the fall, donate online in the Winter, participate in the Wacky Races in the Spring - lots of options!
  4. We have a SCRIP program, where you buy gift cards to all kinds of places you usually go (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) and for every gift card bought, CSC gets a percentage back.  This program is a way you can raise your funds without additional cost to you!

Multi-Swimmer Discount: Families with more than one child swimming will be subject to the following discounts: 1st child: Full price, 2nd child: $5 discount/month; 3rd child: $25 discount/month 4th or more: $41.60 discount/mo.

More for your money at CSC.

It is important to know that the fees you pay for your child's activity are worth it.  Here are some reasons why CSC offers a great deal for the fees you pay.


1) Per hour cost. The cost of the Foundations and Explorers groups is on average $4.50 per hour. There is not a swim lesson program and few sports teams in Mid-Missouri that can beat that price!  Included in the cost are coaches with more than 40 years combined coaching experience, great swimmer to coach ratio, in-water "lesson style" teaching to make sure that children are getting one-on-one feedback, great parent education about the sport, a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your child to learn the sport of swimming.


2) Pool rental. One of the most expensive aspects of swimming is renting the pool space.  Because of excellent partnerships between the City of Columbia and University of Missouri we get to train at two of the best pools in the State for a reasonable cost as well as host world class meets. We are fortunate to have some of the lowest swim fees in the area while training in the best pools.


3) Coaching Staff.   Head Age Group Coach Sarah Smith is a professional swim coach who has been with CSC for 19 years. Sarah brings years of professional experience and swimming knowledge to the team and manages all assistant coaches to provide the highest quality swimming experience for every.  Assistant and group coaches all have experience ranging from coaching experience at other teams to swim lessons to provide a wide variety of knowledge and teaching skills. All coaches follow a rigorous training protocol required by USA Swimming and teach using positive coaching techniques.