In order to complete the new swimmer registration, your swimmer must have had an evaluation and recieved a group placement from Coach Rhett.  If your swimmer has not had an evaluation, please send an email to Coach Rhett at [email protected] to schedule one.  

If your swimmer has had an evaluation, and received a group placement from Coach Rhett, then please review the information below and click the link at the bottom to begin registration.  

The New Member registration fee for the 2021-2022 season is:

$105 for full USA Swimming registration and $45 for those groups who are registered under Flex registration.  This cost includes the required USA Swimming registration as well as the one time new member charge.  


Monthly fees per group are as follows:

Senior Gold - $282.88

Senior Black - $257.92

Senior White - $209.76

Tigershark Gold – $205.20

Tigershark Black - $150.22

Age Group Gold - $104.44

Age Group Black - $90.56

Age Group White - $81.00

Little Tigersharks 3 - $61.62

Little Tigersharks 2 - $61.62

Little Tigersharks 1 - $61.62


Click Here to Begin New Member Registration


If you have any questions on the registration process, please contact Coach Rhett at [email protected]