Pausing or Discontinuing an Account

At CSC many of our groups offer month to month membership flexibility. From September 1 through May 31, swimmers in the Foundations 1, Foundations 2, Explorers, Senior Prep & Transition Jr. and Sr. can pause their account for a month or two if needed. In order to pause your account you must take the following steps:

1) Notify coach Todd via email at least 5 days before the end of the month that you plan to take a break.  For example, if you want a break for March, notify Sarah by February 23. 

2) The last day of the month your account will be paused and any remaining applicable fees will be charged on the 1st.

Fees can include (but are not limited to): Fundraising (prorated $16.75 to the number of months you were on the team); any meets your swimmer participated in that month; apparel purchased in that month; dryland training fees (for older groups) or other fees. All these fees can be viewed on your invoice or you can ask Sarah if you have questions about your invoice. 

3) Once any remaining fees are charged on the 1st your account will be paused. 

Restarting an Account

To restart your account, contact Todd at least 5 days before the 1st of the month you wish your swimmer to start. For example, if you want your swimmer to start January 1, contact Sarah by December 25. 

Summer Fees

From June 1 through August 31: In the summer none groups are month to month. Families will be able to choose a summer plan that fits their swimmer's training needs per their coach's recommendation. 


Billing Questions? Ask coach Todd!