We often watch videos at practice of things that we want the swimmers to achieve or drills to try etc. Parents and kids are encouarged to watch these videos at home to see what we are talking about in practice! As always, if you have any questions please ask your swimmer's coach!


Breaststroke Breathing (Johnny Nitro)

Freestyle Breathing with Chloe Sutton

Fast open turns with Chloe Sutton

Better Butterfly Body Position with Chloe Sutton

Butterfly - The Second Kick (Tri-Fly)

Breaststroke Kick - with Rebcca Soni (The Race Club)

Backstroke Starts (Swimisodes with the Race Club)

Breaststroke Pullout  - slow motion

Backstroke Flipturns (Johnny Nitro)

Backstroke Start Progression

Breaststroke Arms (Johnny Nitro)