Advanced Age Group (age 12 and under): *3 practices per week minimum (5 are encouraged) during active season


The Advanced Age Group team is geared towards 12 & under athletes who want to build a future with competitive swimming as their number one sport. Their time in the water focuses on becoming efficient and effective in all four strokes, refining skills including underwater kicking, open turns and flip turns, along with developing strength, endurance and body awareness. Athletes in this group are expected to race in both “in season” and “championship” meets for the short course and long course seasons. These meets are fun and are where the tough training pays off! While only three practices a week are expected to stay in this group for the younger swimmers, five practices a week are encouraged all season long and are an important part of getting ready to move up to the Senior group in the future. Expect your child to have plenty of interaction with the coaches as they learn new stroke technique, race strategy, how to set daily, weekly, and season long goals, and how much fun year round swimming can be!


For more information about our Advanced Age Group, please see our CONTRACT Groups Info Sheet.


If you think your swimmer is ready to be a part of our Advanced Age Group program, please talk to a coach. We require a meeting with each family who wishes to be a part of our contract groups, and the coaches must evaluate whether swimmers are ready to fit into their workouts or more progress needs to be made first.


*Advanced Age Group swimmers should have their own water bottle, set of flippers, front snorkel, cap, goggles, and team suit. The fins at the pool are actually left there by swimmers who have outgrown them! Please visit the Gear/Apparel tab to find out how to order your own gear.


Please visit the Calendars tab and select “Advanced Age Group (Contract)” from the drop-down to view the practices offered for this group.


Pricing is as follows: $79 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee due upon registration; $70 per month in dues (first month payment due upon registration). The $79 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee can be reduced to just $7 if you can provide us with paperwork showing your swimmer qualifies for free/reduced lunches at school, or paperwork showing your family qualifies for food stamps.