April/May Varsity group has room for registration.  Viking registration will open up early May for unlimited space in June and July.  Should we have space for Viking sooner we will send an email.  Viking is primarily for 12 and under swimmers that want to participate in Tristate.  Varsity is for our 13 and over kids wishing to participate in Tristate and stay in shape outside of High School season.  If you are interested in our year around competitive groups please use the contact us button and give us information about your swimmer!

Please share with your swimmer

Stephanie Miller

Good afternoon,

      We wanted to let everyone know that Webb City schools (and the pool is in the school) has said masks are to be worn at all times in the buildings.
      We have had a large increase in kids "forgetting to mask".  Many repeat offenders.  Coaches have met and starting next week your swimmer will be asked to leave the pool for the evening if not in a mask.  Most offenders are the older ones and they have a mask in their bag.... they are choosing not to put it on.    We all make mistakes but this is not that situation.  If a swimmer is leaving the building without a mask they will be told to not return to the following practice.  
     Coaches are just tired of reminding the same kids over and over.  
     If you get the chance look at some of the live stream from the swimming US OPEN.  You will see that in general the policies at our pool are very relaxed compared to the rest of the country and we are very lucky.
Should you have questions or concerns let us know. You can reply to this email.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.  All things considered life at the pool has been very normal!