April/May Varsity group has room for registration.  Viking registration will open up early May for unlimited space in June and July.  Should we have space for Viking sooner we will send an email.  Viking is primarily for 12 and under swimmers that want to participate in Tristate.  Varsity is for our 13 and over kids wishing to participate in Tristate and stay in shape outside of High School season.  If you are interested in our year around competitive groups please use the contact us button and give us information about your swimmer!

Raffle ticket sales for Ragnarok

Stephanie Miller


Berzerker Swimming is raffling a Blackstone outdoor griddle and a Nintendo Switch at Ragnarok. The profits from this fundraiser will be earmarked to offset team travel expenses, such as the bus!

TICKETS:             one ticket for $5              or           5 tickets for $20 (BESTS VALUE!)  

·       Contract swimmers (elite age group and senior) will have the opportunity to presale tickets.

·       For every $100 in tickets the swimmer sells, they will get a $20 gift card to swimmer’s choice of following-
*Casey’s *Tropical Smoothie *Crazy Llama *Pineapple Bliss *Spotify

*Xbox One *Nintendo *Dominos *Subway *Jimmy John’s

·       Highest sales over $200 = $100 TYR gift card

·       Runner up sales over $200 = Swim Quik gift basket

·       Tickets and money need to be turned in by Friday, July 9 at the first night of the meet (or sooner) to Kerri Sundy.  Questions:  email [email protected]


1-      use social media!
Make a good Facebook or IG post with the provided picture of the prizes or a pic of your swimmer. Also put it in Your story because it runs for 24 hours! Tell a story about what swimming and team travel means to your swimmer!  Be sure to ask the purchaser if they are buying Blackstone or Switch tickets (mark on the raffle ticket).

2-       accept Venmo, PayPal, and/or cash app etc. this will save you time chasing around people to collect money. You can then simply put the purchaser’s name on the ticket.

3-      You only need to sell 5 people $20 worth of ticket (5 tickets for $20) and you will be eligible for a gift card prize!  This can be repeated for every $100 in sales!

4-      outside of social media, ask grandparents, aunts/uncles, neighbors, and close friends - people who love you but don’t usually come to your swim meets!

Example post:

Skyler and her swim club are raffling a BLACKSTONE outdoor griddle and a Nintendo Switch at their upcoming home meet.  Tickets are $5 for one ticket and $20 for 5 tickets. All the profits go directly to offset Team travel expenses, such as the charter bus and/or hotel expenses!  Skyler just got back from a team travel meet and all the athletes had such a great experience!
Let me know how many tickets you want- we accept Venmo and PayPal! And of course cash!

(Include the shareable photo that was emailed or dropped in remind OR a photo of your swimmer OR both)