April/May Varsity group has room for registration.  Viking registration will open up early May for unlimited space in June and July.  Should we have space for Viking sooner we will send an email.  Viking is primarily for 12 and under swimmers that want to participate in Tristate.  Varsity is for our 13 and over kids wishing to participate in Tristate and stay in shape outside of High School season.  If you are interested in our year around competitive groups please use the contact us button and give us information about your swimmer!


Stephanie Miller

Good Morning,

  Our home meet for USA swimmers is around the corner.  Job sign ups are HERE.  A few things:

We have potential to raise over 20 grand on this meet!  This is money that offsets your dues.  We have over 500 swimmers.  
EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO WORK as many sessions as possible.  There are extra people in jobs so that people can take breaks.  For example every session I have 4 timers for 2 slots.  Everyone needs to plan on working the entire session but breaks are possible and encouraged.
Entries are closed for this meet. The meet is at capacity.
Set up is going to be around 10AM on Friday. The warmups for Friday night will start at 3pm.  Many jobs need to be set up and ready to go at 3pm (clerk of course, raffle, hospitality, etc etc).  Yes.... some people may need to get out of work early if at all possible.
CLEAN UP......  It will be late and people will be tired.  We just have to get it done.  Parents if you do leave or don't work the last session, please come help those that have worked 5 full sessions get everything packed up and cleaned up on Sunday night. 
We are a very lucky team.  We have parents that work SO HARD.  I can't impress on everyone enough how important it is that everyone steps up to volunteer.  We must share the load.   Friday night we have over 400 swimmers swimming.  We need to move fast and efficiently.   We have a reputation of the best meet of summer.  It's because we have the best families. 
So please sign up NOW to work.  The earlier the better.  New parents, old parents, board members and grandmas.....  all sign up.  It helps us to know where our gaps are sooner than later.  THANKS!
Steph Miller