April/May Varsity group has room for registration.  Viking registration will open up early May for unlimited space in June and July.  Should we have space for Viking sooner we will send an email.  Viking is primarily for 12 and under swimmers that want to participate in Tristate.  Varsity is for our 13 and over kids wishing to participate in Tristate and stay in shape outside of High School season.  If you are interested in our year around competitive groups please use the contact us button and give us information about your swimmer!


Stephanie Miller
Important information for 2012/22 year
I have many people asking so wanted to let everyone know the plan for Fall 2021/22.
We are working on the Fall practice Schedule as well as pricing.  I will send that out before registration once it is final.
We are currently in our Championship season for all groups.  
In August after A champs for Tri-state every swimmer account becomes inactive.  
On August 11th I will open registration for RETURNING Berzerker swimmers.  I STRONGLY suggest you register as soon as possible and BEFORE registration is open to new members.  We have caps on groups and with the olympics and the success of our team this year I expect a waitlist. 
On August 16th and 17th we are having tryouts for NEW MEMBERS.  If you are receiving this email you are a CURRENT member and no need to tryout.
What you can do in next few weeks is talk to your coach if you are thinking you need to move groups.  Coaches might be coming to you as well to discuss group placement but never make assumptions and please communicate. 
When you register in August you will be asked to pay any balance in FULL before you register. This will include any unpaid money you have on your account plus additional chargers from end of summer meets.  In addition you will be required to pay the next year USA registration (approx. $85) as well as dues for Sept. 1.  You are then NOT billed on Sept. 1st.  
Any questions just reply to this email.
Berzerker swimteam is having huge success on all levels.  Participation at meets as well as success at meets has been high.  Best of Luck to all of our swimmers the next few weeks.  Go fast.  Go BZRK.