How Swim Meets Work

Please note that all of these summer league, YMCA, and USA Swimming swim meets are run entirely through the volunteer efforts of swimmers’ parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. Therefore, when you bring your swimmer to any swim meet, especially those that we host ourselves, your volunteer time will be needed.

New parents can work as​ runners, bullpen workers, or​ timers during the meet, since instructions on what to do are provided before every swim meet. All parents can also attend Swim Officials Training and become Certified Swim Officials who can then work as Judges, Referees, Admin Officials, etc. at swim meets.


Signing Up for Swim Meets

When you sign your swimmer up for swim meets, you just need to say whether or not he/she will attend (yes, or no). The Head Coach then decides into which events each swimmer will be entered.

The Head Coach will decide on the individual and team relay events for each swimmer who has been signed up for a swim meet, and will submit that information to the host team. These entries and any associated fees will then be emailed out to you.