Summer Rec: Heat Sheet for Tomorrow

Alexandra Wilcoxon
Hi all, attached below is the heat sheet for tomorrow and a message from Lee's Summit. Let me know if there are any questions about the meet tomorrow!
As a reminder, we have transitioned swimmers to enter the facility from the East side door (close to the running track) instead of the backside as done in the last meet. The first 6 lanes in the shallow end will NOT be available for warmups, though the remaining lanes will be accessible.- sticking to the 4 max swimmer per lane rule.
ATHLETES ARE TO WEAR THEIR MASKS INTO THE FACILITY for warm-ups and while lined up in their staged events. Outside, parents and swimmers are to follow the Jackson County Health Department Guidelines as it pertains to the social distancing and mask-wearing. 
Part of the parking lot will be closed off to allow for more crash area. 
Meet Details at a Glance:

Session 1:  10 & Under: Warm-up starts at 5:10-5:20 PM

Session 2:  11 & 12 Age Group: Warm-ups start at 5:25-5:35PM

Session 3:  13 & Over: Warm-ups start at 5:40-5:50PM

Start of Meet: 6:00 PM - approx 8:30PM