Registration Now Open!

Below is general information and expectations for what our Long Course Program will be looking like for this summer. If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to either,

Head Coach: Eric Huntsman

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 816-456-8235


Head Admin: Austin Andes

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 816-810-0614


Long Course Season

The Long Course season will be starting in May and will be continuing through to the end of July. All Holiday breaks will mirror respective school districts' breaks and we will send out that information as we approach those days. After registration, payments will be billed upon the first of every month, the amount will depend on what level your athlete is registered at. As with our short course season, if for whatever reason you will be taking a break for another activity, sports, vacation, etc., a written notice must be submitted within 30 days to avoid further monthly charges. Please reach out to Eric Huntsman with your 30 days notice. 


Training Groups

For costs and fees information, please contact either the Head Coach or Head Admin. 

Age Group

  • 12 and under or First year
  • Swimmers can withstand higher yardage without fatigue
  • The swimmer is ready to compete in Swim meets
  • Capable of swimming all four strokes and or improving technique
  • The swimmer can follow instructions and wants to improve their skills
  • Suggested practice: 3-4x a week
  • Locations: Belton, Bridger



  • 13 and over swimmers plus 11-12 swimmers with at least 3 Championship times
  • High level of dedication to improving skills
  • Mastered all 4 strokes
  • Able to follow instructions and lead themselves in successful training
  • Suggested practice 5x a week during all non-meet weeks
  • Locations: Belton, Bridger



  • 15 and over swimmers and 13-14 swimmers with 3 or more Championship cuts
  • Highest level of dedication to improving skills
  • Mastered all strokes
  • Able to follow instructions and lead themselves as well as others in successful training
  • Full understanding of pace clocks, intervals, and heart rates for optimal success
  • Practice Required: 5x a week
  • Locations: Belton, Bridger


Competitive Elite

  • Focus on training and competitive efforts at USA swimming upper-level meets
  • Athlete actions and goals reflect the mission statement of USA Swimming: To build, promote, and achieve competitive success at its highest level
  • Swimmers must maintain 90% monthly attendance (high school season exception)
  • The elite high-performance coach will have full discretion over group appointments throughout the year
  • Any interested families must contact/meet with the head coach to go over requirements/expectations prior to participating
  • College swimmers are welcome to join the competitive elite high-performance group with the head coach's approval


Additional Costs

In addition to the monthly cost, USA Swimming athletes will have to purchase memberships in order to be eligible to participate in USA Swimming meets. If you registered during the short course season you do not have to register again! There are also meet fees that will be listed in the meet documents attached to the meet registration page. 


Thank you for your interest in our Long Course program! We're looking forward to a great summer.