There are two different types of officials needed within USA Swimming. The "stroke and turn judge" and the "administrative official." Stroke and turn judges are those officials in the white shirts on the pool deck observing swimmers for correct technique in the pool. An administrative official is a position which helps to oversee the "dry" side of a meet including the scoring table and the clerk of course. For more information and to apply, follow the links and instructions below:

To Become a Stroke and Turn Judge: Follow the instructions on the Missouri Valley website.

To Become an Administrative Official: Follow the instructions in this document.

Other Information: As a COOL parent who becomes an official, we do offer some incentives. Check out this document for all the details.

Questions? If you have questions about this process or how to get involved, contact any member of the COOL board or one of the COOL officials listed below. 

Many thanks to our COOL Swim Officials!  If you have any questions about becoming a Swim Official, feel free to ask one of our COOL officials.  Our officials are: Kelli Barney, Andy Brand, Christiane Branstrom, Kristin Brown, Christy LaHood, and Mike McCoy.