We realize swimming has a lot of unique aspects to it and every team is slightly different in how it handles the details. Here are some answers to many of the frequently asked questions we get. Many of the answers to these questions can be found in our parent handbook. Feel free to download the handbook and read through it. It contains a wealth of helpful information. Also, if you are NEW to swimming, you will want to read through our new swim parent document to help you get familiar with COOL and swimming.

General Questions

  • Where does the team practice? Answers to your practice questions can be found on our practice locations page.
  • What are the practice times? Times can change from year to year. A typical schedule can be found on the practice schedule page. However, the best place to find current information is on our practice calendar.
  • How do I know what practice group my swimmer will be in? A tryout is needed to ensure proper placement. When you begin swimming with COOL, you will be given a tryout and the coaches will tell you where your swimmer will best be suited. You can check out the practice groups page for details of what is involved with each practice group.
  • Can I “try before I buy”? Yes (sort of - more like a money back guarantee). Although you must complete the registration process and pay your fees prior to getting into the water, you have one calendar week to determine if COOL is for you. If you find COOL is not a good fit, you must contact the treasurer in writing and your fees will be refunded.


The explanation of fees document will answer most of your questions about finances. Please feel free to contact our treasurer if you have need of further clarification.

  • How much does COOL cost? Costs vary depending the ability of your swimmer. However there are also some fixed costs. Check out our explanation of fees document for the most clear understanding.
  • Can I stop swimming anytime? Yes, you can join COOL at anytime throughout the year and if you choose to stop at any point throughout the year, you may.  You will not recieve any money back for that month that you've already paid, but you are not locked in for any future months.
  • How do I pay the monthly fees associated with my account? You must set up an automatic payment plan within our secure website. This can be an ACH withdraw from a checking or savings account. Or, it can be an automatic charge to your credit card each month. This auto payment happens on the first business day of each month. 
  • How do I check my invoice? Each month, your account will be billed for your monthly fees. If you'd like to know what charges will be withdrawn from your account, you can check your invoice on the website.


  • Do we need to participate in meets? No (and yes) While we do not mandate participation in meets, we do have a home swim meet each year (in October). We not only strongly encourage all swimmers to participate, but each family is expected to volunteer as part of their financial agreement with the team. All other meets are at your discretion. Of course, meets are super fun and help swimmers improve.
  • How do I sign up for a meet? Check out this helpful document.
  • What do I bring to meet? Check out this helpful document.
  • What should I expect at a meet? Check out this helpful document.
  • What are the different types of swim meets? The types of meets are fully explained along with the time standards in the parent handbook.


  • How can I track my swimmer(s) best times? Start by reading our "help with times" section. From there, it is easiest to ask an experienced parent for some help.
  • How do I learn the "lingo" of swimming? Check out our glossary of terms document. It will help you learn some of the terms tossed around on a swim team.