COOL webmaster Apr 14, 2019

SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Like to plan ahead? Here is a look at our summer practice schedule! For those of you who weren't with us last summer, we are fortunate to be able to train in a long course pool in the mornings.  Monday-Friday AM @ Black Bob Bay Saturday AM @ Black Bob Bay Mon, Tues, Thurs PM @ Blue Valley Southwest White --------- 9:00-10:00 6:30-7:30 Orange 7:30-8:30 8:30-10:00 6:30-8:00 Blue 6:30-8:30 8:00-10:00 6:00-8:00 Lightning & Up 6:00-8:30 8:00-10:00 4:30-6:30

COOL Surf Report Apr 12, 2019

Tell us about your swim journey? I don't remember NOT knowing how to swim. My parents enrolled me in parent/child swimlessons as a baby, which I stayed in until I was 10. At 13, we moved to South Korea with the USAF and everyone joined the Osan Piranhas summer league team during the summer. It was THE THING to do! At 15, we moved to Hawaii and I joined the Hickam Hurricanes Swim Team. I'm proof that it's never too late to start club swimming! I chose not to pursue swimming at...