COOL Swim Team 2021-22

Explanation of Fees


The COOL Swim Team is a not for-profit organization run solely by parent volunteers and is self-supporting through membership dues and fundraising. Fees and fundraising efforts go directly towards the team’s operating expenses including pool rental, coaches’ salaries, travel expenses, equipment, and supplies.



  • Monthly fees are invoiced the 1st of each month on Team Unify (our website team management software). Parents will be emailed a link that will take them to their account information. Billing will include any monthly fees and any other fees incurred since the last billing statement such as meet fees, team store purchases, late fees, etc.
  • Payments must be made electronically and are automatically drawn out of your checking or savings account or charged to a credit card on the first business day of the month. You can set up electronic payment in your account on our website (To set up electronic payments, follow these instructions.).


  • Account balances are expected to be paid by the 20th of the month. Fees past due will be charged a late fee of $15.00 per each month they are unpaid. 
  • Any families with accounts more than 90 days past due will be placed on Inactive Status (which includes not participating in any COOL activities, meets or practices). The family shall be liable for all court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in collection of delinquent accounts
  • All outstanding accounts must be paid in full before a swimmer can be re-registered with the team. Outstanding balances are subject to legal action if not paid in full.


The Administrative Fee is an all-inclusive, non-refundable, annual fee due at the time of registration. These funds help pay for pool rental, coaches’ salaries, computer upgrades, equipment, and other operating expenses. This fee also includes all fundraising obligations. Thus, as a team, we do not require swimmers or their families to participate in fundraisers.

  • Swimmers joining between September 1st – February 29th = $180
  • Swimmers joining between March 1st - June 30th = $115
  • A second swimmer from the same family will receive a discounted rate ($160 or $105)
  • There is a family cap equivalent to two full swimmer’s administrative fees ($360 or $230)


  • Monthly dues for each swim group are as follows. Check with the Head Coach if you are unsure which group your swimmer should be enrolled in.


Monthly Dues Monthly
High School - Elite $175
High School - Advanced $155
High School $140
Lightning $140
Blue $125
Orange $115
White $110
Annual Fees
Administrative Fee $180 for the first swimmer ($360 max/family)
USA Membership Fee $78/swimmer



Pre-Comp Team                              $110/session




High School Non-Competitive Team  $125/session


  • All billing issues should be directed to the COOL board member in charge of billing. Please email your questions to [email protected]


  • Swimmers participating in the high school-sponsored swim season should request seasonal status during their high school season. Please provide thirty days notice prior to the start of the high school season.
  • Monthly fees will not be charged while a swimmer is inactive. However, invoices will still be sent if account does not have a $0 balance.
  • No refunds or waived fees will be given, even if a swimmer has not attended practice within a particular month, unless the Treasurer is notified as stated above.


  • This non-refundable fee establishes the swimmer’s amateur status as a competitive swimmer and provides insurance coverage during swim practice sessions and meets.
  • Swimmers will pay $78 for the calendar year. 
  • All swimmers, new and returning, must register or re-register with USA Swimming for the upcoming calendar year at Fall registration.


  • The USA mandatory transfer fee of $5 covers the cost of transferring a membership to COOL from another team. When a swimmer transfers to COOL in the middle of the year, this fee takes the place of the annual $78 USA registration fee.
  • This only applies to swimmers with a current USA swimming membership transferring from another USA swim team.


  • If a new swimmer joins the team after the 15th day of the month, the first month's fees will be prorated by 50%.
  • There is a multi-swimmer discount for families with more than one swimmer. Additional swimmers in each family will receive a $5 per month reduction in fees.


  • A swimmer may practice with COOL for one week, coordinated with the coach, before deciding whether he/she would like to join. Online registration must be completed, and fees paid, before a swimmer may enter the pool for their trial week.


COOL Swim Team
P.O. Box 4316
Olathe, KS 66063



  • COOL typically hosts 1 or 2 meets a year. Because these meets are major fundraisers, all COOL team swimmers are entered to swim in these meets and are expected to participate. 
  • All COOL families are expected to volunteer to help run the COOL-hosted meets. Families who choose not to volunteer at a meet will be charged an additional $75 fundraising fee.


  • A family will earn a $25 credit towards their account for every family they refer to the team. When a new family joins the team, they must notify the team treasurer ([email protected]) in order for you to receive the credit.


  • COOL and Missouri Valley Swimming offer a scholarship programs for families encountering financial hardship. Any family interested in the scholarship program may submit a request to the board by emailing [email protected], detailing their situation.
  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or deny any scholarship request. 


  • COOL charges an event fee for every event entered by each swimmer in a swim meet equal to the event fee charged by the host team plus $2.00.  In addition, if any surcharges are assessed by a meet host, facility or otherwise for a particular swim meet, COOL will charge that same fee as an additional fee for each swimmer.
  • Swimmers will be responsible for paying their own Deck Entry and Time Trial fees at meets.  COOL coaches will not have payment on site to pay these fees for swimmers.
  • COOL charges a $15.00 administrative fee per swimmer per meet for all local meets. Local meets are defined as swim meets that take place within the following counties: Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas and Leavenworth counties in Kansas and Platte, Clay, Jackson and Cass counties in Missouri.
  • COOL charges a $25.00 administrative fee per swimmer for any swim meet that is hosted by another Missouri Valley Conference team, but takes place outside of the local counties set forth above.
  • COOL charges a $50.00 administrative fee per swimmer for any swim meet that is not hosted by another Missouri Valley Conference team.
  • Once approved to attend a meet, all of the above applicable listed fees will be billed regardless of whether the swimmer attends the meet. Fees cannot be refunded for any reason.
  • COOL charges a non-refundable $25 fee per swimmer for requesting late entry into a swim meet or event changes after passage of the deadline.
  • Swimmers are automatically entered into all Missouri Valley championship meets (district and conference championships) for which they qualify. Accounts are billed for these events, even if the swimmer does not participate in the meet.


  • Should your swimmer decide to quit the team for any reason the team should be notified, in writing, by the person responsible for the account. An email must be sent to [email protected] by the 20th of the month prior to leaving. A $10 service fee may be charged if notification is given after the 20th of the month prior to leaving.
  • Fees will not be refunded when a swimmer leaves the team. The exceptions to this policy are based on either of the following conditions:
  1. Medical problem - Families requesting a refund because of a medical condition must demonstrate that a swimmer is unable to participate in swimming activities as a result of a diagnosed medical condition. The request must include medical documents that clearly identify that a swimmer is unable to swim or that a certified medical professional recommends the child not swim.
  2. Family relocation - Families requesting a refund because of relocation must identify when they expect to leave the area, with area being defined as beyond 30 miles from COOL’s practice location.