Photo & Video Policy 
Periodically, coaches, board members and/or volunteers may take photos and/or videos of COOL swimmers for instructional or promotional use. These photos and videos may be posted to the team website and team social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. All photographs and media will fall within the guidelines set by USA Swimming's Safe Sport:

All photographs must observe generally accepted standards of decency in particular:

  • Action shots will be a celebration of the sporting activity and not a sexualized image in a sporting context.
  • Action shots will not be taken or retained where the photograph reveals a torn or displaced swimsuit.
  • Photographs will not be taken from behind swimming blocks at the start of a race or exhibit a child climbing out of the swimming pool.
  • Photographs will not be taken in locker‐rooms or bathrooms.

All photographs of minor athletes will be taken and published only with the parent or guardians consent. Consent is given upon registration with COOL Swim Team via electronic form. Consent may be revoked at any time. If you see an image of your minor child on one of COOL's social media pages that you wish to have removed, please message the page and the administor will remove it within 24 hours. 

The team may take videos, both above and under the water, in order to better instruct swimmers on stroke technique and to illustrate both positive and negative aspects of a swimmer’s stroke or racing skills. Videos will be taken with the verbal consent of the swimming. They will be viewed by the swimmer, parent/guardian and coach. Videos will be deleted from personal devices in view of the swimmer and/or parent. Parents/guardians may request the video be sent to them via e-mail. This exchange will occur between  the coach's professional e-mail address and the e-mail address of the adult's choosing.