JCAY Barracuda Swim Team Volunteer Policy

The JCAY Barracuda Swim Team is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who oversee administrative functions of the team. This effort requires some degree of participation by every swim team family, or we would not be able to keep our monthly dues manageable.  Whether you see it or not, someone helps with every daily practice, all aspects of special events, and of course, the fundraisers that keep our team afloat.

Mandatory Volunteer Requirements accomplish three major objectives:

  • They enable us to provide our swimmers the equipment and coaching staff necessary to maximizing each swimmer's development.

  • They allow us to share the burden of management so that no one is too busy to witness their children swimming and racing.

  • They allow everyone to contribute in the most meaningful way they can, thereby creating a positive environment and example for our children.

Volunteering is easy, and most of the jobs take only a portion of the meet, and may even help you enjoy the meet experience more. When you register your swimmer for a meet, you also choose how you will support that meet. (See “How to Register for a Meet”.) A family's volunteer requirement may be fulfilled by a family member/guardian, though some positions require training.

Because there are so many jobs to be done at each meet, we mandate a volunteer contribution at any meet at which your child swims either home or away. Even if your child does not swim at any meets during a given swim season, we still require EACH family to volunteer for any home meets during a season in which your child trains with the team. The seasons are:

  • Short Course season from September - April

  • Long Course season from April-August

  • Summer Mid MO season from May – July

What if my swimmer never competes?

We still need your help! The success of all of the swimmers in this program is contingent upon the success of the entire team. Regardless of whether or not your child competes, we still are committed to providing him/her with the best instruction, facilities, and support, and we cannot do that without help. The meets we host partially fund our day to day operations, so you can understand that volunteering is not optional. If your child does not like to compete and you have trouble finding it possible to volunteer a couple of times a year plus meets, then maybe you should reconsider if the Barracuda Swim Team is the right place for you and your swimmer.

What if I can’t or don’t want to volunteer on a rare occasion?

If you are unable to help at a given meet, you will be required to volunteer double at the next meet. There are always before and after meet duties that need attention and also qualify towards your volunteer obligation. Everyone can find something at which they are gifted or that they do not mind doing. Just communicate your interests to the designated Volunteer Coordinator for that meet and it will be a breeze, realizing that the people who volunteer first get the best choices of volunteer opportunities. We understand that sometimes there are unusual circumstances. In those rare instances, we will try to be flexible and work with you. Unless there is an emergency however, exceptions should be requested and cleared at the time the child is registered for the meet.

What if I still don’t volunteer?

Families that do not meet the volunteer requirements and do not make arrangements will be billed $25.00 per shift or for the Concession donation that has not been fulfilled, so that we can fund someone to do those duties. Please understand that we do not want your money nor are we eager to try to get money out of you for not helping, but the work has to get done. We would far prefer your assistance in executing the many jobs/tasks it takes to run a top swim program rather than trying to hire help and collect repayment.

Swim meets are an extremely labor-intensive activity if only a few families contribute. They become much more manageable when everyone participates. Still, the head volunteers are extremely busy, and are pure volunteers. Please help make their management of this volunteer program less time intensive for everyone by following these few guidelines.

  1. On the day of the meet, once you check-in your swimmer, you MUST check-in with the designated Volunteer Coordinator for that meet to confirm your assignment 15 minutes before your shift is due to begin. This is very important because the Volunteer Coordinator needs to know who is ready for every shift. This minimal coordination will eliminate the Volunteer Coordinator's need to “hunt down” volunteers amid the crowd. Also, we are sometimes called upon to help fill unexpected absences or shortfalls from other teams, and early check-in gives us flexibility.

  2. We understand you are there to see your swimmer compete! We ALL are! If you are volunteering during your swimmer’s event, please coordinate with other volunteers so that they will cover for you while you watch your child's event, or we will bring in a board member to cover for you during your brief absence. Please be courteous and return promptly to your volunteer station after your swimmer is done. If you are one of the first volunteers, you can also choose jobs that put you poolside during your child's events.

  3. If you register your swimmer, and do not register for a volunteer assignment, you will be contacted. Family members/Guardians who repeatedly fail to sign-up or show-up for their volunteer commitments put their swimmers meet eligibility at risk. Failure to supply a volunteer for a swimmer who is signed up for a meet will result in a swimmer NOT being able to compete in that meet unless you have received prior approval for an exception.


Every swim team must contribute timers for every meet, both home and away. No swim meet can get started without the volunteer parents on deck ready to time the swimmers. The number of timers we must provide is dictated by the number of swimmers we send to a meet.  The more swimmers we send, the more timers we must supply. Each team is required to have trained volunteers (otherwise the team is fined for not supplying them). It is therefore the Policy of the JCAY Barracuda Swim Team that if your child is swimming in a meet, one family member/guardian must volunteer for a timing session during the session that your child is participating.  Please consider helping your team by learning more about the sport of swimming!


If your child is swimming in a home meet, you are required to work. Job signup will be available on the team website prior to the meet. Upon arrival at the meet, you must check-in with the designated Volunteer Coordinator. Even if your child does not swim in the home meet, you are still required to work.


If your child is swimming at an Away Meet, you need to plan on working. Timers and Officials are the jobs most needed at Away Meets and are required for a meet to begin and run smoothly. Please check-in with the designated swim meet Volunteer Coordinator for that swim meet. The more volunteers we have, the less any one person needs to work. If there are not enough workers for an away meet, jobs will be assigned by the swim meet Volunteer Coordinator.


If you have either signed up to work, or been assigned a position, it is the responsibility of the family member/guardian to find a replacement if unable to work the position, otherwise a $50.00 per time slot penalty fee will be assessed to your account within 7 days of the close of the meet. We prefer that you fulfill your work assignment or find a replacement if you cannot make it (because in the end, it will be other parents of the swim team who will fill in for you, and have to take on the extra commitment). Your time and support are more valuable to us and we thank you for your support of all our Barracuda swimmers.

To register for your commitment:


Prior to the Home Meets: Volunteers must sign-up online prior to the event. You should normally sign-up for your position when you register your swimmer.  If not, then you must sign-up for a volunteer position [under “job sign-up”] before swimmer registration for the meet closes. This requirement includes swim meet officials who plan to work at the swim meet.


At the Event (Home and Away): Volunteers must also sign the volunteer check-in sheet located with the Volunteer Coordinator. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to sign-in. Unless excused by the Volunteer Coordinator, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the session he/she is working, regardless of when his/her swimmers’ races are completed.