Blazers Call to Action: We Need Officials!!!

Mary-Catherine Ivey

Blazers Call to Action: We Need Officials!!!

Families, we are in dire need of officials. We are looking down the barrel of not having enough officials to run meets in the near future. At this point, we have had only nine officials who have been working the Blazers meets this season. We have also relied on other teams to make up our shortfall. For a team our size and the number of meets we host to keep our athletes active, this is unsustainable. 

Our goal is to register 18 new officials by June 1st to continue hosting the meets on our spring and summer schedule. If you have been considering becoming an official, now is the time to join this great team of people.

For some more information on officiating and what it entails, you can watch the short video from one of our senior officials Paige Boyer. 

If you can help us or have questions about the process, please contact Christian Frank for more information. -  [email protected]