Blazer Parents: Become a USA Swimming Official!

Mary-Catherine Ivey


Blazer Parents: Become a USA Swimming Official! 


Blazers, now more than ever we need your support!  Our team is growing quickly and so are the number of opportunities for our club to host and run swim meets for athletes to race and continue to better their performance and experience overall!  This is where YOU come in!  Given our long standing reputation for hosting well-run swim meets both on the local and regional level, consider becoming an official and help the Blazers continue to offer premier competitive opportunities that benefit our swimmers and the community! 


For more information on the role of a USA Swimming official, take a few minutes to view this video, courtesy of the Boyer Family! 

**Update: Currently the Blazers is over 500 swimmers and therefore, the need for more officials is crucial for this season!


Why Become A USA Swimming Official?  


To gain a better understanding of your child's sport

To have the best spot on deck for watching everyone swim

To satisfy your volunteer hour requirement

And many other perks like free meals and heat sheet!


For more information on becoming a USA Swim Official contact Christian Frank, Blazers Official's Coordinator. 



Want to get started as an official and help USA Swimming run consistent, high-quality and technically-correct competitions? 

Officials join USA Swimming and are certified by the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) where they reside.
Each LSC sets their own requirements for officiating, but there are basic steps required for all officials:
Register as an apprentice official (some LSCs do not offer this option and you must register as a full official to start). Once your training is completed, you will register and pay membership dues as a full official.
  • Attend an officials clinic (stroke and turn training)
  • Complete a Level 2 Background Check
  • Complete Athlete Protection Training
  • Complete Concussion Protocol Training
  • Complete on-deck sessions shadowing a certified official

How to Become a Missouri Valley Stroke & Turn Judge


USA Swimming: How to Become an Official


Thank you to our registered officials for the 2021-22 Short Course Season!
Tatjana Alvegaard
Evan Benbow
Kara Boshart
Paige Boyer
Cory Bruch
Michele Bullins
Brian Finzen
Christian Frank
Elizabeth Frank
Wei Guan
Bradley Hughes
Samantha Hughes
Amie Logan
Rebecca McKeon
Anna McNamara
Vijay Nandula
Aderonke Oyetunji
Chas Peterson
Elisa Spencer
Olga Stringer
Sascha Taghizadeh
Paul Taylor
Alec Weisberg
Lindsay Weneck
Alicia White