Volunteer Requirements

(September 1st - August 31st)

Swimming is a volunteer sport.  Every swim meet, from the beginner meet to the Olympics, is staff entirely by volunteers.  Volunteer positions include timers, officials, safety marshals, meet directors, computer operators, hospitality coordinators, announcers, and much more. 

Each family is responsible for fulfilling the volunteer obligations of the highest level swimmer in the family.  We ask families to meet two different sets of requirements throughout the year. 

1. Minimum Total Volunteer Requirement  

The requirement for the 2022-2023 season are listed below:

  • Age Group I     15 hours
  • Age Group II    15 hours
  • Junior II            25 hours
  • Junior I             30 hours
  • Senior I             30 hours
  • National            30 hours
NOTE:  Families are required to fulfill their Minimum Total Volunteer Requirement regardless of whether their swimmer(s) chooses to compete in meets.  Outstanding obligations as of August 31 are billed at a rate of $25/hour.

2.  Championship Meets Requirements

Hosting well run meets is a big part of our Blazer program, and we need your help to make sure things run smoothly. Hosting meets not only helps our program but all swimmers in Missouri Valley LSC that count on the Blazers to operate efficient and professional competitions.  To that end, we expect our families to meet the following obligations for Championship Meets when we are the host team.  

IMPORTANT: These hours do count towards your minimum hourly obligation, but is a different expectation. It may be that you will overrun your minimum level of hours to meet these Championship Meet requirements.

When we host any Missouri Valley Districts, Championships, or Region VIII Sectionals, families with swimmers attending these meets must work the following number of shifts at the respective meet.

  • MV Districts-2 shifts per family
  • MV Championships- 3 shifts per family
  • Regional VIII Sectionals - 3 shifts per family

Also for Regional VIII Sectionals and Higher-level meets (currently we only have Summer Sectionals planned for 2020-21 season):

  • Every Blazer Family with a swimmer in Junior 1, Senior 1, or National must work at least 2 shifts even if they do not have swimmers in the Sectional meet.  These shifts are NOT additive to the requirement above for Regional VIII sectionals.

Please recognize that this new requirement comes from the importance of the meet to the Blazers and the impact this meet has on the overall swimming community in Missouri Valley.  In addition, it ensures all athletes at this commitment level get to experience championship competition at this high level. 

NOTE:  Families not fulfilling Championship Meet Requirement may be billed after the meet, 4 hours per shift at $25/hour. A final decision on Billing will depend on the level of volunteer participation from the Blazer community that can cover positions needed to run the meet properly.


Common Volunteer Questions & Answers: Click Here


  • Login to the KCB website
  • Select My Account
  • Select My Invoice/Payment
  • Select Service Hours Tab

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR A JOB - TU Instructions

  • Login to the KCB website
  • Select Events & Competition
  • Find an upcoming meet in the list and click Job Signup
  • Check the boxes by jobs you will work. Be careful not to pick conflicting times!
  • Click Signup.


  • Email our Volunteer Coordinator, with the details including swimmer name, date of swim meet, hours worked, and work performed.