Pre-Blazers is our pre-competitive program designed to introduce competitive swimming through skill development and having fun!  This program is a bridge between swim lessons and competitive swimming. For swimmers ages, 5 - 12 years old, who are water safe, have had swimming lessons, and are interested in learning about competitive swimming.

There will be a water safety check on the first day of the class. Participants pass the following safety checks before participating:

  • Jump into the deep end and complete 5 bobs (fully submerging underwater and blowing bubbles, popping back up to take a breath).
  • Perform a front float for 5 seconds with their face in the water and then roll onto their back into a back float.
  •  Swim 25 yards freestyle or backstroke without stopping.


This program is offered twice a week for 45 minute sessions.

Pre-Blazers Registration

Pre-Blazers Coaching Staff

Shawn Lynn-Bequette

Age Group I & II Head Coach

Pre-Blazers Lead Coach 

E-mail: [email protected]

Office Phone: 913.826.3041



Assistant Coaches, Blue Valley North



Assistant Coaches, California Trail



Our Pre-Competitive Program is designed for young, novice swimmers ages 5 -12 years of age, who are water safe and may be interested in working towards joining our competitive age group program/ready to be a part of the Blazers Team!  

Practices focus on:

  • Learning to swim all four competitive strokes legally in a race
  • Knowledge in basic training techniques, turns, racing starts, and other competitive aspects of swimming.
  • 45-minute sessions, 2 days per week for 8 weeks. 

Cost:  $275.00 

Pre-Blazers Schedule & Locations

We are in the process of determining the Fall 2020 Schedule.  Please check back again.


At the end of the session, swimmers are encouraged to schedule an evaluation for advancement into one of our Competitive Training Groups

KCB Team Policies

Cancellation of KCB Practices/Team Events: 

In the event of last minute scheduling changes/cancellations, announcements will be posted to the site page, sent via e-mail and a Team Unify text alert. To receive text alerts (optional), confirm your cell phone number in Team Unify by following the instructions for enrollment. 

Severe Weather Policy:

The safety of our Blazers swimmers is of the utmost importance. As such, in the event of severe weather, the Blazers will follow the lead of the facilities at which we practice. If the facilities allow us to operate a practice, we will endeavor to do so. Please use your best judgement as to the weather and your family's travel needs during periods of inclement weather in the decision on whether to attend or not.

Facility Use Policy:

Please keep in mind that we are guests of the facilities in which we train and we endeavor to maintain a positive relationship with the school districts by respecting their property and policies.

  • For the swimmers’ protection, all swimmers should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before practice, and should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after practice.  We cannot guarantee that there will be a coach present outside of those times; Blazers and its’ coaching staff cannot be responsible for swimmers outside of this time frame. 
  • The pool deck area is for swimmers and coaches only. To minimize disruptions and distractions, we ask that parents observe practice from the bleacher area only and refrain from approaching a coach, swimmer or group during practice, unless for an emergency.
  • Swimmers are responsible for their own personal property and equipment; personal items should be properly stored/secured in a swim bag during practice. KCB and Coaches are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items/equipment.