Swim Meets


The Kansas City Blazers hosts several meets throughout each season and we welcome teams from all over to experience great opportunities to race at the SMSD Aquatics Center in Lenexa, KS. 

Our upcoming meets are listed, as well as volunteer opportunities for current KCB Families!



KCB Hosted Meets

The Kansas City Blazers hosts several meets each year from Invitational meets such as the Brian Howard Memorial Invite to Championship meets through MV Swimming and USA Swimming.  Please visit our KCB Hosted Meets page for information about the meets we are hosting each season, along with additional meet information.



Volunteer Opportunities & Sign-up

Current KCB Families are responsible for fulfilling the volunteer obligations of the highest level swimmer in the family. Click here for more information about our Volunteer Requirements.

Midwest Winter Classic Job Sign-up

Brain Howard Memorial Invite Job Sign-up

MV Short Course Championships Job Sign-up

2020 CSRVIII Speedo Summer Sectional Championships Job Sign-up



How to Register for Swim Meets

  1. Log in to your KC Blazers Team Unify Account at www.kcblazers.com
  2. Select the meet in which you would like to enter your swimmer.
  3. Click ‘Attend/Decline’ then, if applicable, select the swimmer you wish to enter in the meet/event.
  4. From the drop down menu, select “Yes, please sign (swimmer) up for this event.”
  5. Select the sessions for which your swimmer is available to attend. Coaches will select events. **Please list any scheduling conflicts in the notes box so our coaches will be sure swimmers are entered accordingly**
  6. Please contact your Childs primary coach via e-mail with any immediate questions or concerns prior to the deadline for the event.  Coaches may not see comments listed in the notes box until they are ready to select events.
  7. Click ‘Save Changes.’
  8. If you need to remove a swimmer from the meet, prior to the registration deadline, you may repeat steps 1 - 4 and on step 5, select ‘Decline this event.’  After the registration deadline has past, you will need to contact you child’s primary coach to remove them from the event.  
  9. For a tutorial on registering for swim meets through Team Unify, please click here!
  10. When in doubt, contact Business Manager, Dorothy Ogden, and she will walk you through this process!

Please register by the deadline listed on the meet page.  Late entries/changes may not be accepted.  

It is understood that swimmers are available to swim all days/sessions for which they are registered/eligible, unless otherwise posted in the ‘Notes’ box. Team Unify does not notify coaches as to when changes are made to your account; after preliminary entries have been posted, please confirm any changes via e-mail.

Please REVIEW preliminary entries as they are posted.

Contact your swimmer’s primary coach with questions prior to the meet deadline.  Questions or requests to change sessions entered should be submitted via e-mail prior to the meet deadline.

Please refer to the meet information, posted online to the meet page. 

Location, meet format, order of events, fees, warm-up/meet start times, etc. are determined by the meet host and may vary from meet to meet. 

Please be aware of the fees associated with each swim meet. 

This can be found in the meet information; fees will vary depending on the swim meet, meet host and facility.