Sante Fe Trail Blazers Parent Association

The Santa Fe Trail Blazers Parent Association is the "support force" for the KC Blazer Swim Team.  The parents assist in the direction and management of the Blazer Swim Team affairs which are handled by the Johnson County Parks & Recreation District.  For every swimmer in the water, there is a parent on the side providing support through participation in many KC Blazer functions.  These include Blazer hosted meets, fund raising projects, and social events.
Competing with many local and out of town teams, swimmers and parents meet many new and interesting people.  The close association that parents develop with their children is worth the time and money.  Time spent training helps in organization of life in general.  Free time is valued; therefore, you learn to use time more constructively in all activities.  Discipline is another valuable lesson; to be a good swimmer one must have self-discipline.  Swimming is a fun way of accomplishing all of these and many more objectives.  We invite you to try our program as a means of meeting this goal. 
Santa Fe Trail Blazers Parent Board Members:
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