The Kansas City Blazers swim team was established in 1975 as a department within Johnson County Parks and Recreation District (JCPRD). Through our COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE, we are a USA Swimming Level IV club, the premier team in the region for over 40 years, and have six Olympic representatives. 

Graduating Seniors :: Class of 2020

Morgan Brockner

Morgan Brockner, will be attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the fall.


I started swimming competitively at 6 years old.  I am most proud of beating Nick Frank in practice off the blocks, and having a great last short-course season.  My favorite swim memories are sitting in someone’s car everyday after practice talking, seeing my whole team cheer me on during the 200 fly and being in finals racing all of my friends from different teams.  When I am not in the pool, I like to workout and watch movies!


My advice for younger swimmers is…


“Make lots of friends, have fun, and work hard. The friends you make in swim will be your friends for a lifetime. All of the friends I have made, whether from Blazers or from different teams, I know will always be there for me and pick me up when I’m down. Also, they make going to practice more enjoyable and push you to work hard. Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself, but if you keep working hard you will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind too."

Kate Christie

Kate Christie will be continuing her academic and swimming career at Rhodes College located in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is undecided on her major, but considering Biology.


I started swimming around the age of 7.  I am most proud of getting my sectional cut and committing to swimming college.  One of my lasting memories will be achieving my sectional cut in the 200 Breaststroke with the support of all my teammates and coaches cheering me on.  Outside of the pool, I enjoy photography, hanging with friends and watching way too much TikTok.


My advice to younger swimmers is…


“To have fun and never give up on yourself, even when it gets difficult.”

Alex Dunlevy

Alex Dunlevy will be attending and swimming at University of Wisconsin Green Bay this fall.  He will be pursuing a degree in Statistics.


I began competitively swimming at the age of 8. I am most proud of qualifying for Sectionals with the Blazers.  One of my favorite swimming memories is qualifying for Missouri High School Boys state my freshman year.  Outside of the pool, I like playing video games, traveling and learning about weird historical events.


My advice for younger swimmers is…


“Always set personal goals you wish to achieve.”

Ashleigh Espinoza


Attending and swimming at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Trey Smith


Trey Smith will be attending and swimming at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.  He will be majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Med.


I started swimming competitively at the age of 7.  My proudest swimming accomplishments were swimming at Kansas High School State all four years and making the Blazers National Team.  My favorite swimming memory is when several of us purchased Kum & Go shirts on a team travel trip and then took pictures in the K-Mart Parking lot.  Outside of swimming, I like hanging out with my friends.


My advice for younger swimmers is…


“Go to every practice.”

Jillian Long

She will be attending & swimming at University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Richie Stewart

Richie Stewart will be attending and swimming for Denison University located in Granville, OH.  He will most likely be studying Global Commerce.


I started swimming competitively at 13 years old.  I am most proud of achieving my Winter National Cut in the 50 Free (LCM) and becoming an All American in the 200 Free Relay during the Kansas Boys High School Season.  Outside of the pool, I like to play recreational basketball with my friends.


My advice to younger swimmers is…


“Come to practice with a purpose and give it your all every day.  You will improve rapidly this way.”