Fee schedules are dependent upon the practice group that your child is assigned. Any outstanding obligations from the previous season must be paid prior to registration.  Once registered for a session, a swimmer is responsible for all fees for that session. Termination of membership from the team does not terminate responsibility for these fees or their Y membership


2021 Fees:

BWST Swimmer Registration Fee - Charged As First Meet Fees - $98 – Annual Fee (Includes 2 Team Caps, Team Shirt Trio) The Cost increase reflects the change to 3 shirts instead of 1 and the increase in YMCA Swimming Registration fees. The total increase is only $25

USA Swimming Registration Fee - Charged As First Meet Fees - $77 – Annual Fee

Typhoon Practice Fees – $260 ($65/mo)

Orange Practice Fees – $280 ($70/mo)

Hurricane Practice Fees – $300 ($75/mo)

Blue Practice Fees – $340 ($85/mo) - HS $400 ($50/mo)

Senior Practice Fees – $380 ($95/mo) - HS $456 ($57/mo)

YMCA Membership Fee – Varies – All members are required to hold a current membership

Meet Fees - Varies


Annual Fees: Charged once a year at the start of a swimmer's first session from the start of Short Course Saeason to the End of Long Course season.

BWST Swimmer Registration Fee: This is an annual fee paid to the Y for membership on the team and must be paid at the time of registration.

USA Swimming Registration Fee: This is an annual fee paid to USA Swimming that allows swimmers to compete in USA sanctioned swim meets and must be paid at the time of registration. BWST submits registrations at the beginning of each short course season for all active members of the team. If you feel you do not need to pay this fee, please contact the Director with questions.


Practice Fees: Cost of practice participation

Fees are split equally over four months and drafted on the 15th of every month, or paid out right at the start of the season. The fee varies by practice group based on pool time & practice hours. HS swimmers that participate in swimming for their school will register for both sessions under the HS activity for their practice group and pay a discounted rate each month.


YMCA Membership Fee: Required for all Blue Wave Swimmers

This is a monthly or annual fee paid to the Y. All swimmers must be full program Y members in order to compete in Y dual, area and district meets.


Meet Fees: Paid by meet participants for all individual events

Meet fees will be drafted from a credit/debit card on file the week preceding a meet. Participants will receive a notification of charges 48-72 hours before they are Processed. During that time, families must review the charges. If there are any questions or concerns, contact Coach Brent. If any fee is unable to be processed because a credit/debit card is declined or expired, a $5 late processing fee will be incurred. Families will have until September 14th to have a credit/debit card on file with the front desk for meets fees. The Team and USA Swimming Registration Fees will be invoiced and charged after this date. The credit/debit card must be saved in the system under the adult listed as the account holder in TeamUnify. Visit or call the welcome center to put the credit/debit card on your account. Once Complete, email Coach Brent with a subject of Meet Fee Payment Method and include the last four digits of your credit/debit card and the security code from the back of the card.


Financial Assistance & Discounts:

Blue Wave as a YMCA program has the incredible opportunity to offer financial assistance (FA) to our members for both their practice fees and memberships. Families with multiple swimmers are also eligible for multiple swimmer or sibling discounts. Only one discount may be applied to Blue Wave Fees.


Financial Assistance:

Financial Assistance is available for practice fees and memberships. Assistance is need based and is based on income and number of family members. Need is reassessed every 6 months. Financial assistance can be applied for through USA swimming to help with the USA Registration Fees.


Sibling Discount:

If you have more than one child participating, you receive a 10% discount on your second child and beyond. This discount only applies to practice fees.


College Athletes:

College athletes returning for the summer that swam with us for at least two years through their Senior Year of HS will be eligible to swim with the team through the summer with payment of or a current USA registration and payment of the Team Registration Fee.


Fundraising Requirements:

All swimmers will be required to raise or pay $125 to help the team meet its annual fundraising goals once per seasonal year (September- August) by the end of their first session with the team. There will be a maximum of $250 per family. These fees can be raised through our Swim-A-Thon in October, through obtaining a corporate sponsorship through their place of employment or another local business, by making a donation to the Y Annual Campaign with the amount supporting the Blue Wave Swim Team at registration, or through other announced team fundraising opportunities. Athletes that register after the Winter I session each year will not have the option to raise money through the Swim-A-Thon but may solicit or make a donation(s) for the Y Annual Campaign with the amount supporting the Blue Wave Swim Team or through other announced team fundraising opportunities. All donations to the Team and the Y are tax deductible. Donations to the team help us to continue to provide swimming as a sport to anyone in our community regardless of their financial circumstance.

HS Swimmers:

HS Swimmers that compete on a team over the winter should regsiter for the HS season for their assigned group. By doing so they are registered USA swimmers, are able to attend meets and practices (Which we ask them to do once a week), and are eligible to have observed swims counted toward the SWIMS Database. Swimmers not registered as HS at the start of their HS season will not have these benefits.


Spring Only Swimmers:

Swimmers in the Orange and Typhoon groups participating with a summer swim team that will not be participating with Blue Wave in June and July may opt to register for the Spring only. This option is not offered for our Hurricane, Blue and Senior groups, our more elite athletes, who need to continue practicing with Blue Wave year round. Swimmers opting to swim spring only must pay their session fee in total up front and must register with Coach Brent.