Attendance is the cornerstone to commitment, improvement and success in our sport. As such, all athletes are required to attend a minimum practice attendance. Athletes that choose to participate on their HS team will be required to attend practice a minimum of once a week as allowed by MSHSAA and HS policy.


We do understand that from time to time there will be conflict and don’t expect 100% attendance, but we do want swimmers here as often as they can be. School activities, family conflict, medical issues, such as illness or injury, and participation in a swim meet, camp or clinic are acceptable reasons to miss practice. We ask that notification of absence be received before the start of practice by phone, text or email. Please use your best judgment about what would or would not be acceptable reasons to miss practice.


Attendance at practice includes being on time, ready to get in the pool and participating in any dry-land that we have for that practice session. Dryland and Weights activities are a part of our practices and are not optional.


Attendance will be taken through the on deck app on a daily basis and will be accessible through the My Account tab on the team website or through the on deck app.


Minimum Meet Attendance

Swimmers are not required to swim every meet but are encouraged to swim in at least one meet every 8 weeks. Swimmers in the Monsoon and Typhoon group should meet this minimum. Hurricane and Orange swimmers should surpass this minimum and swim about 2 meets every 8 weeks. Senior and Blue swimmers should surpass this minimum and swim about 3 meets every 8 weeks. Senior and Blue Swimmers are also encouraged to swim Senior Circuit meets as well. A meet schedule and suggested attendance will be posted with registration each session.

While swimmers are not required to swim meets, meets help us to develop athletes both physically and more importantly mentally. Without the challenge of competition, it is hard to continue to develop the mental skills needed to succeed in swimming. 


Championship/Y Meet Requirements

Participation in meets and Qualification times are required for swimmers to participate in end of the season championship meets for Both USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming. In addition to these criteria, YMCA Championship meets also have an attendance requirement of 1-4 meets depending on the level the swimmer will be attending. We encourage all swimmers to take advantage of this by attending at least 3 regular season Y Meets so they can with participation at Championships, be eleigible for all levels of YMCA competition


Family/Parents - Volunteer Hours

Volunteering accomplishes three major objectives:

1 They benefit the swimmers by providing a best in class swim team which has access to all the necessary equipment and coaching staff that is required to run a successful team.

2 They allow the Blue Wave Swim team to grow and prosper by utilizing the talents and expertise of our swim team members.

3 They get more families involved in creating a positive atmosphere so that the Blue Wave swimmers can succeed.

It takes more volunteers to run a swim meet and to be a top swim program than most other sports. The Blue Wave Swim Team cannot be successful without an army of parents committed to the team success. In order for our team to meet the needs of our swimmers, it is necessary to host swim meets and for parent’s to volunteer to fill the many needed roles and jobs to run the team. Either way, we need your help!

All families are required to volunteer for each season in which they have a swimmer on the active roster. Winter 1 runs August to November, Winter 2 runs December to March and Summer runs from April to July. For each season a family will be required to work a minimum of 2 volunteer shifts (20 hours) and make at least 1 donation for concessions or hospitality. Donations will be made in the form of a $10 monetary donation or a food donation as requested by the meet committee. Volunteer shift requirements can be filled by working any session at a team hosted swim meet as an official, a timer, a runner or any number of other positions.

What if my swimmer never competes?

We still need your help! The success of all of the swimmers in this program is contingent upon the success of the entire team. Regardless of whether or not your child competes, we still are committed to providing him or her with the best instruction, facility and environment which relies heavily on the successes of the meets that we host. Volunteer hours are not optional. If your child does not like to compete and you have trouble finding it possible to complete hours, you may want to consider if the Blue Wave Swim Team is the right place for you and your swimmer.

What if I can’t or don’t want to volunteer?

If you are unable to help at a meet, you can make up your sessions at the next meet. There are always pre or post meet duties that need attention. You can help with these needs before you leave or when you get back. All of which can count for some sessions. Use your strengths. Everyone can find something in which they are gifted. Just communicate and it will be a breeze. There is some flexibility and in rare cases and extenuating circumstances. This communication should be done 2-4 weeks ahead of the meet, if possible, so please plan accordingly. Again if you can find a way to make a contribution, you may want to consider if the Blue Wave Swim Team is the right place for you and your swimmer.

What if I still don’t volunteer?

Families that do not meet the volunteer commitments and do not make arrangements will be billed $100 per shift ($20 per hour) or donation that has not been fulfilled. Please understand, that we do not want your money nor are we eager to try to get money out of you for not helping, we would just prefer your assistance in executing the many jobs/tasks it takes to run a top swim program