HS Swimmers BVHS or SMSD

Open for Returning Members

6/12/22 - 5/22/23

Open for New Members

6/12/22 - 5/22/23


Welcome High School Swimmers (Incoming Freshman thru Seniors)

We are changing it up with our High School swimmers ... We want ALL High School Swimmers, no matter their chosen site, to swim as a complete team at SMAC on Mondays!

  • BVNW 6:30-8PM Tuesday thru Thursday OR SMWest with MaryJo - 6:15-8PM Tuesday thru Thursday (ON MONDAYS, ALL HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMERS WILL BE AT SMAC (Shawnee Mission Aquatic Center 6:15-8PM)
  • ALL Swimmers, including non meet swimmers, must have USA Swimming Insurance. USA Swimming is changing the style of registration ... Please see below the current information on this topic (more to come soon about insurance)
  • $ 1,325 for the 2022-23 SCY Season - Mid August - Mid May
  • Additional costs: 15 hours volunteer or buyout @ $20 per hour to be charged to your account
  • Obtain equipment and swim cap at Swim Quik - KCSA will email the team store as we get closer to the upcoming season.
  • Swim Meets have added costs (example: Facility surcharge + cost for individual events/relays + USA Officials/Coaches Fees)
  • FORM C - High School Swimmers : High School swim meets/times may count for qualifcation time standards to USA and MVS Championships. Head Club Coach (KCSA Coach) will send this form at the start of the High School Season - KCSA to MVS. Athletes must sign in the with proper official at the high school meet and the High School Meet host must submit results to MVS. *KCSA is only responsible for the FORM C DOCUMENT.
  • On the registration, please choose the state and gender that your swimmer will be in high school i.e. Sion is Missouri Girls

Every Swimmer must have USA Swimming Insurance, even if they don't compete in meets. We will provide you with the link to pay USA swimming directly for insurance in September/October 2022.  Once we email the link for USA Swimming Insurance, you will have 3 days to register with USA Swimming. Unfortunately, if you don't provide registration after those 5 days, there will be no refunds for missed practices and your swimmer will not be able to attend practices until USA Swimming Registration is completed.
FROM MISSOURI VALLEY SWIMMING and USA SWIMMING in regards to usa swimming insurance - new system: Some of you are aware that USA Swimming will have a new registration system coming online starting 9/1/2022. This system will be a major change in the way we register, but it will also align us with a modern system to handle things. Registrations for USA Swimming will now be done by the individual family (or member) DIRECTLY with USA Swimming. Greg and I will have many more details and conduct a few webinars as it gets closer. Right now, LSC Registrars are testing the new system and some clubs are starting to help as well.

The most important aspect to be aware of is that USA Swimming will collect the fee for the USA Swimming membership. This will be done by electronic payment only. There will be no paper forms and no batch files from the club. You will be given a unique link to send to your parents after (or during) their registration process with your club. This will take them to USA Swimming and they will process their athlete (and themselves if they are an official/board member/coach, etc.). 

Registration for September is a few months away, but I know there are some clubs out there with space constraints and waiting lists. They begin their registration for these sessions early, so make sure you do not assess fees for USA Swimming registration during this process. You officials and coaches will process their registrations through the USA Swimming site as well, so you will need to pivot to a process of reimbursing them for their fees (if the club pays for these).