Annual Superkids Membership

Open for Returning Members

7/20/22 - 5/31/23

Open for New Members

7/20/22 - 5/31/23

9 Members

Annual Superkids membership - The SuperKids list will be given to Coach MaryJo Klier because she will evaluate between Merriam SuperKids and/or Advanced SuperKids

Swim at least 2 days per week - Monday thru Thursday 4:30-5PM beginner (normally 3-4 year olds) SuperKIDS / Monday thru Thursday 5-5:45PM Advanced SuperKids (normally 5&Up ages)
*you still will register and pay for monthly Superkids program via the City of Merriam Aquatics *
Membership cost : $55 Sept 1 through May 30th
Link to Merriam Aquatics Center will be sent on August 1 - Monthly Swim Fee register via Merriam Aquatics Center is $85/month