2022/23 AG & JO

Open for Returning Members

6/13/22 - 10/1/22

Open for New Members

7/5/22 - 10/1/22

2021/22. AG & JO/Elite
Any family with 3 or more swimmers registered at the same time will receive a 10% discount at registration for full pay and monthly options. If you choose to pay monthly you will receive the 10% discount with each payment.

NOTES for both Age Group and JO Swimmers:

  • NO REFUNDS - Fees due through May even if your child stops swimming
  • Additional costs: 15 hours volunteer or buyout @ $20 per hour to be charged to your account
  • Obtain equipment and swim cap at Swim Quik - KCSA will email the team store as we get closer to the upcoming season.
  • Swim Meets have added costs (example: Facility surcharge + cost for individual events/relays + USA Officials/Coaches Fees)
  • There will be days throughout the season, we may not be able to hold practice due to school activities or schedule practice at another site
  • Every Swimmer must have USA Swimming Insurance, even if they don't compete in meets. We will provide you with the link to pay USA swimming directly for insurance in September/October 2022.  Once we email the link for USA Swimming Insurance, you will have 3 days to register with USA Swimming. Unfortunately, if you don't provide registration after those 5 days, there will be no refunds for missed practices and your swimmer will not be able to attend practices until USA Swimming Registration is completed.Please see below messages from Missouri Valley Swimming and USA Swimming

AGE GROUP - Swim 2x per week (9 & older 1 hr, 7 & 8 yr olds 45 minutes) 
Elementary to Middle School swimmers new to swimming and/or continuing to develop sound fundamentals for all four strokes.  Must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and back with breath control and not stopping the first day of practice.

  • Choose between Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur. (Tue/Thur now full)
  • Choose between SMSouth or BVNW (7/26 SMSouth is full may open up mid Sept for more Mon/Wed)
  • $180 per month 

JO - Swim 3-4x per week (1.5 hour practice time). Monday-Thursday
This group is for Advanced Age group competitive swimmers, who legally swim all four strokes. Generally Jr High Middle School students qualify. Swim meets are highly recommended and encouraged. May swim 3-4 times per week 1 ½ hours.   

  • Practice times will be scheduled not before 6PM
  • Choose between SMSouth or BVNW  (7/26 SMSouth is full but may open mid Sept for more). SMSouth as of mid Nov swimming only on Mon, Tues, Weds)
  • $215 per month

FROM MISSOURI VALLEY SWIMMING and USA SWIMMING in regards to usa swimming insurance - new system: 

Tomorrow, June 14, 2022 will be the last day of Deck Pass account connections to TeamUnify. After that date, members will no longer be able to access their USA Swimming Deck Pass member information on the TeamUnify app.

Any data that has been loaded directly into TeamUnify as well as access to USA Swimming content, articles and videos will not be affected and will still be accessible. So please direct members to check back often to the DeckPass section in TeamUnify or the OnDeck app for new and exclusive content tailored specifically to swimmers and parents.  

Members will still have access to their Deck Pass account information until September 1, 2022 on the USA Swimming website and Deck Pass Plus mobile app. This change simply removes the connection to Team Unify products. 

Beginning September 1, 2022, USA Swimming will be launching a new member database (SWIMS) and a new process for online member registration. The launch of SWIMS will discontinue all current Deck Pass accounts and existing Deck Pass account holders will have to set up a new USA Swimming account. 

For more information on upcoming changes to USA Swimming registration and accounts, please visit the SWIMS Resource Hub (https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fwww.usaswimming.org%2fabout-usas%2fresources%2fonline-member-registration&c=E,1,nK9b8aNnAqXs4932UKqLi8-H5F9hgx5YgVvOOjPOtdb7cjo0fdsoQ_fm4ALxJnAgTyi-MmK9e7H9o0cj0l3Fdp_GQsqRJrY99V0uhiuIO0CMBs4wJYVA4cJrLcs,&typo=1&mkt_tok=MjM2LUtDWi00OTUAAAGE_g2ZOOD11rS8Sc1tvglRL6u8m0mKoVl8BSRQQAr9x-w0_pGBbMOlz6ofyB-UZVR9DYS_pVM0FsdWDkNVep1WRhuF1Ak7fLzWXXD8NR6z)

Some of you are aware that USA Swimming will have a new registration system coming online starting 9/1/2022. This system will be a major change in the way we register, but it will also align us with a modern system to handle things. Registrations for USA Swimming will now be done by the individual family (or member) DIRECTLY with USA Swimming. Greg and I will have many more details and conduct a few webinars as it gets closer. Right now, LSC Registrars are testing the new system and some clubs are starting to help as well.

The most important aspect to be aware of is that USA Swimming will collect the fee for the USA Swimming membership. This will be done by electronic payment only. There will be no paper forms and no batch files from the club. You will be given a unique link to send to your parents after (or during) their registration process with your club. This will take them to USA Swimming and they will process their athlete (and themselves if they are an official/board member/coach, etc.). 

Registration for September is a few months away, but I know there are some clubs out there with space constraints and waiting lists. They begin their registration for these sessions early, so make sure you do not assess fees for USA Swimming registration during this process. You officials and coaches will process their registrations through the USA Swimming site as well, so you will need to pivot to a process of reimbursing them for their fees (if the club pays for these).

QUESTIONS: please contact Bonita at [email protected] 816-863-2129 any day. Please, leave a message if I don't answer.