The Explorer Group

The Explorer Group is for young swimmers (Age 4-8) that have little experience in the water. While there are no set requirements for registration with the Explorer Group, we do recommend that swimmers have completed Level 3 of our Group Swim Lessons Program or an equivalent with another swim program, as well as general comfort in the water. We want to ensure these practices are productive for all involved, and part of that is a swimmer being comfortable in the water.

Swimmers in this group will be introduced to all four strokes in a small group setting. Swimmers will learn skills that range from how to kick and breathe properly, all the way through full stroke swimming. Instruction takes places in small groups with instructors in the water at all times. There are two primary focus points for this group, teaching basic skills that swimmers will need as they progress through the program, and enrich the swimmers love for the water.


Explorer sessions will be offered in 2-month blocks:

Fall Session: September & October

Winter Session 1*: November & December  

     *6 Week Session due to Holidays ($75/month)

Winter Session 2: January & February

Spring Session: April & May

Summer Session: June & July

Explorer is not offered during March or August due to team breaks.


Located at the Indoor Aquatic Center, you'll have the option of attending practices Monday-Thursday from 7:00-7:30pm. One Session lasts 8 weeks. The cost of the first month is $120 and each subsequent month costs $100. This will be charged to your team account on the 1st of each month for the session you select. The first month cost includes the team dues and an annual USA Swimming FLEX Membership registration fee ($20). Swimmers moving to the Bronze group will be charged the difference for a Full Membership ($75) at the time of promotion. All swimmers will need to participate is a swim suit and goggles.


Coach Heather Clark-